Creating offer letter templates

Available for Roles Super Admin, Admin
Permissions • Manage offer letter templates, fields, and forms
Packages Lever Basic, LeverTRM, LeverTRM for Enterprise
E-signature integrations only supported with LeverTRM for Enterprise or the Advanced Automation add-on

Offer letter templates can be used to build offer letters with structured fields to be filled out by the offer creator and the candidate, allowing you to maintain consistency in the offer letters extended by your recruitment team. Offer letter templates are drafted in a document outside of Lever, and then uploaded in order to be used during offer creation by users in your LeverTRM environment. To learn more about offer creation, refer to our help article on how to build and send offers.

Building offer letter templates

To start, open a document editor in which you will write out your offer letter template. We recommend writing in a document that you can save in a .docx file format. Before you start writing, navigate to Settings > Offers > Offer Fields in your LeverTRM environment. As you are writing, refer to the list of offer fields and placeholders and incorporate them into your letter template.

Offer fields

Offer fields will appear as inputs during offer creation and will be filled in by either the offer creator or the candidate (depending on the type of placeholder). Each offer field has an associated "placeholder" that can be added to an offer letter template. The location of the placeholder in the template will determine where the completed offer field value will be inserted.

Predefined offer fields

These fields cannot be customized and will require input from the offer creator as they are drafting the offer. 

Close up of predefined offer field in offer field list.

You can view the details of Predefined offer fields by clicking the View link. To include one of these fields on your offers, users with Super Admin access can navigate to Settings > Offers > Offer form. To learn more, refer to our help article on offer form customization.

Custom offer fields

Like predefined offer fields, custom offer fields will also require input from the offer creator as they are drafting the offer. Custom offer fields can be created and configured to suit your needs. 

Close up of Offer fields page in Offer Settings

If you require a field in your offer that is not included in the list of predefined offer fields, you can create it as a custom offer field. To add a new custom offer field, use the Create New Offer Field button.

Close up of offer field editor

The name of the offer field will be displayed to users when they are creating the offer in Lever. The associated placeholder can be inserted into an offer letter template and will designate where the offer field value will be inserted, once the offer is created. Helper text will be displayed to users during offer creation, and can act as instructions to help ensure the offer is created accurately. 

The offer field type determines how the field will be completed by the offer creator. The available offer field types are checkbox, currency, date, dropdown, number, text, text-area, or user dropdown. 

Candidate placeholders

These fields will require input from the candidate as they are accepting the offer.

Close up of candidate placeholder list

Note that if you use a placeholder that requires text input, the following restrictions apply:

  • Text placeholders take up the full width of the document.
  • Text length will be capped to the width of the document.
  • Text placeholders cannot exceed 200 lines, assuming a line height of 13px.


Dynamic placeholders can be used when a field's inclusion on an offer letter is contingent on the input to another placeholder. Refer to our help article on dynamic placeholders to learn more.

E-signature integration formatting guidelines

If you are using the DocuSign or Adobe Sign integrations to send offers, you must adhere to the following formatting guidelines to ensure that your template can be uploaded and sent correctly. Note that if you are using either DocuSign or Adobe Sign, your offer template must contain the {candidate_signature} placeholder.

DocuSign guidelines

  • Although Lever can support a maximum offer letter template file size of 25 MB, DocuSign recommends that offer template files do not exceed 5 MB in size. Files larger than 5 MB in size will not work with DocuSign's email notification feature. Refer to DocuSign's supported file formats for more information.
  • The text color of candidate placeholders and company signature placeholders must match the background of your document. For example, if the background of the document on which you have written your offer letter template is white, the {candidate_signature} placeholder text must also be white. If you are pasting the placeholder from your Offer Settings page in Lever into your template be sure to do so without formatting so that the text color does not carry over. 
  • DocuSign supports the following fonts: Arial, Arial Narrow, Calibri, Courier New, Garamond, Georgia, Helvetica, Lucida Console, Tahoma, Times New Roman, Trebuchet, Verdana, MS Gothic, and MS Mincho. Default fonts in Microsoft Word are also supported.

Adobe Sign guidelines

  • If you are using Adobe Sign's free tier, a maximum offer letter template file size of 5 MB is supported. Adobe Sign's Individual, Team, Business, and Enterprise tiers support a maximum file size of 10 MB. Refer Adobe Sign's transaction limits for more information.
  • The only information that a candidate can submit on an offer letter is their e-signature. No other candidate placeholders can be utilized with Adobe Sign.


Download the sample offer letter template attached at the bottom of this article for an example of how to format an offer letter template.

Uploading offer letter templates to Lever

After creating any offer fields that should be included in your offers, you can begin creating your offer letter templates. To start, open a document editor in which you will write out your offer letter template. We recommend writing in a document that you can save in a .docx file format.

Wherever you would like an offer field value to be inserted into the template, the field's associated placeholder should be added. Use the copy button next to the placeholder and then paste into your template.

Close up of placeholder field with arrow pointing to copy button.

Once you have finished the draft of your offer letter, you can upload it to your account by completing the following steps:

  • Navigate to Settings > Offer > Offer letter templates
  • Click the + New Template button
  • Upload your offer letter template in a .docx file format

Any placeholders in your offer letter template will be listed below the template preview.

Offer letter template preview with placeholders listed below.

Grouping offer letter templates

To keep large numbers of offer letter templates organized, you can group templates into folders. Click the New Group button at the top of the Offer templates page and title the folder. You can then click-and-drag templates into the appropriate folders. To rename a group, hover over the folder, click the ellipses (⋯) button aligned to the right, and click Rename.

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