Lever Product Updates (Releases, Improvements, Bug Fixes)


The LeverTRM platform is continuously evolving, bringing you new and enhanced features and functionality improvements that enable you to run an effective talent acquisition operation. By understanding how and when updates are made to the LeverTRM platform, you and your team can plan to stay on top of the latest enhancements. Readers of this article will learn about the different types of product updates:

Product Releases

Lever follows a seasonal release cycle in which new features and features updates are released in bundles at quarterly intervals over the course of the year. While the exact dates for each seasonal release are subject to change, release windows typically align to the following timeframes each year:

Winter Release Spring Release Summer Release Fall Release
mid- to late-January mid- to late-May mid- to late-August mid- to late-October


Each release is rolled out progressively over the course of each release window, meaning customer accounts receive the release in waves. The precise date that you receive release will depend on which release wave that your account is in.

Customers on the Care and Preferred Support tiers are notified about upcoming releases no later than 7 days prior to receiving the release in their accounts. Customers on the Premium Support tier are notified no later than 14 days prior to receiving the release in their accounts.


Lever offers the following resources to support you with each new product release:

Product Release Notes
Prior to each seasonal product release, release notes are published in our Help Center which consist of descriptions of the new features and feature updates included in the release and links to relevant help articles. Refer to the 'Product Release Notes' section of our Help Center for a catalog of notes from past releases.

Product Release Webinars
At the end of each release window, Lever will host a product release webinar which includes live demonstrations of the new and enhanced features included in the release, as well as insight into the design philosophy behind each update. The registration link for product release webinars can be found in the release notes. Once the webinar has taken place, the recording is added to the release notes.

Off-cycle improvements

Outside of the product release cycle, the LeverTRM platform may undergo small-scale improvements in between seasonal release windows. These improvements are typically minor aesthetic changes and slight enhancements to existing functionality. Off-cycle improvements are documented in the 'Improvements' section of our Help Center on a monthly basis.

Bug fixes

In some cases, unexpected product behavior may be the result of a bug in the platform. If you report a bug to Lever's Support Team, you will be notified when the bug has been fixed. Bug fixes are documented in the 'Bug Fixes' section of our Help Center on a monthly basis.

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