Adding custom approvers to approval workflows

Available for Roles Super Admin, Admin, Team Member, Limited Team Member
Permissions • Edit approval chains for requisitions, postings and offers
Packages LeverTRM for Enterprise or Advanced HR add-on
Legacy packages: Pro or Enterprise

Lever's approvals functionality allows you to efficiently attain stakeholder alignment when generating offers, requisitions, and postings. The ability to incorporate custom approvers into your approval workflows allows you tailor your approval processes to include stakeholders from across your organization. Readers of this article will learn about:

Before diving in, we recommend reading our help articles on building approval workflows to get context on how they operate:


The images in this article depict the processes for adding and selecting custom approvers for offers, however the process for adding and selecting customer approvers for requisitions and postings is identical.

How custom approvers work

There are three types of approvers you can add to an approval workflow: dynamic approvers, static approvers, and custom approvers. For more information on dynamic approvers and static approvers refer to our help articles linked above.

A custom approver is an approver 'token' with a custom title. During the creation of an offer, requisition, or posting, the author will select an approver from among the users in your Lever environment to fill the spot of the token. If an approval chain contains multiple custom tokens, an approver must be chosen for each token before approval can be requested.

Adding custom approvers to approval workflows

  • Navigate to SettingsApprovals
    • You will be defaulted to the offer approval section; use the tabs at the top of the Approvals settings page to navigate to the requisition or posting approval sections.
  • Click the Create approval button
  • Click Add approvers in the 'Approvers' field
  • Click + Add custom offer approver in the drop down

Offer approval editor with user list dropdown and add custom offer approver outlined

  • Type in the title of the custom approver and click Add approver

Offer approval editor with arrow pointing to name of custom approver field and add approver outlined

The custom approver token will appear in the list of approvers. Dynamic approvers appear in blue, status approvers appear in gray, and custom approvers appear in pink.

Offer approval editor with list of approvers in approvers field and arrow pointing to name in pink

If you wish to add other custom approvers in a multi-step approval chain, click on the Add Step button and repeat as necessary for each additional step you wish to add.

How custom approvers appear when requesting approval

If an offer, requisition, or posting that you are drafting meets the conditions of an approval workflow that contains a custom approver, you will be required to select an approver in order to proceed.

  • Click Choose under 'Approvers'
  • Choose an approver from the list of users in your Lever environment to fill the spot of the token

Offer approver editor with arrow pointing to choose in approvers section

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