Using the candidate pronouns field

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Packages Lever Basic, LeverTRM, LeverTRM for Enterprise

The pronouns field allows you to record candidates' preferred pronouns, so you and your team can refer to them correctly at every stage of their recruitment journey. Pronouns can be added by candidates when applying to jobs, as well as by recruiters and hiring managers any point during the talent acquisition process. Pronouns are made visible on interview events, so even interviewers will know the correct way to refer to candidates prior to interviews.

Adding the pronoun field to your application form

To add the pronoun field to your job site application form:

  • Navigate to Settings > Job site > Application form
  • Click + Pronouns under the list of personal information fields; the 'Pronouns' field will be added to the list
    • Note: The 'Pronouns' field cannot be made a mandatory field on your application (i.e. you cannot make it a requirement that applicants provide their pronouns)

Job site application form fields on job site settings page with arrow pointing to add pronouns link beneath field list.

  • Use the 'Help Text' field to provide context to candidates as to why their pronouns are being requested
    • If this field is left blank, the Lever will auto-populate the following default helper text: "Let the employer know what pronouns you use so that they can address you correctly."

Help text under pronouns field on job site settings page.

Once the field has been added to your job site application form, applicants on both your external and internal job site will be able to select from a list of commonly used pronoun pairings. There is no limit to the number of pronoun pairings an applicant can select. Applicants will also have the option to indicate that they would prefer to be referred to by name only, or by custom pronouns that do not appear in the list.

Pronouns field as it appears on an external job site

Pronouns field as it appears on an internal job site

Pronouns on candidate profiles

Adding and updating pronouns on candidate profiles

If a candidate does not provide their pronouns during the application process (or they are non-applicant, such as a candidate that is sourced or referred), users with edit access to their profile can add pronouns manually.

  • Click the + Pronouns button beneath the candidate's name.
  • Either select from the list of common pronoun pairings, specify that the candidate should be referred to be name only, or input custom pronouns
  • Click the Save button; the pronouns will appear beneath the candidates name on their profile

Pronous pick list beneath candidate name on profile.

To update pronouns, click the pronouns beneath the candidate's name and make a new selection from the menu.

How the pronoun field operates

If a candidate provides more than two sets of pronouns or a long set of custom pronouns, the pronouns will appear shortened. Hover over the pronouns to reveal the full list or any shortened text.

Pronouns beneath candidate name profile; full list of pronouns revealed on hover.

The pronoun field is treated as a piece of contact-level information, and will therefore persist across multiple opportunities for the same candidate. If a candidate with an existing profile (associated with either an active or archived opportunity) has a new opportunity added with pronouns different than those on their existing profile, the pronouns defined on the newest opportunity will override the existing pronouns. For more information, refer to our help article on understanding the difference between candidate profiles and opportunities.

Note that there is no reporting or export data associated with the candidate pronoun field. The field is solely designed to collect pronouns for the purpose of providing the best candidate experience. Demographic information can be collected through surveys such as the Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) survey and Diversity surveys.


If you are not sure what pronouns to use for a candidate, it is okay to ask! Offering your pronouns first is a great way to signal to a candidate that they are in a safe space to share that information.

Pronouns on interview events

The pronouns on a candidate's profile will be surfaced on interview events and interview event emails to ensure candidates are referred to in the appropriate way. This way, interviewers will be made aware of a candidate's pronouns when an interview is scheduled as well as immediately prior to the interview.

Google calendar event for interview with candidate pronouns appearing in event title.

Note, candidate pronouns are only added to interview event emails if their opportunity is in an interview stage. To learn more, refer to our help article on stages in the Interview section of the pipeline.

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