Configuring posting locations for job board ingestion

Available for Roles Super Admin, Admin, Team Member
Super Admin or Admin to configure locations in Company settings
Permissions • Create and edit postings
• (To configure in settings) Manage company settings
Packages Lever Basic, LeverTRM, LeverTRM for Enterprise

When publishing postings to job boards, the location that you select will affect the way in which it is ingested by the job board. Properly configuring your posting locations will ensure that postings get published to job boards correctly and are discoverable to job seekers searching by location.

How job boards ingest postings from Lever

When ingesting a posting from Lever, job boards read the following fields from the posting:

  • Job title
  • Location type - on-site, hybrid, or remote
  • Location
  • Department/team
  • Job description
  • Salary range

The contents of these fields dictate the search criteria by which the posting will be discoverable on the job board. For details on the information you can include in these fields, refer to our help article on creating job postings.

Discrepancies between the location listed on a Lever job posting and the locations supported by the job board to which that posting is being pushed can negatively impact the discoverability of the posting on the job board for those searching by location, and in some cases result in a failure to appear altogether. Properly configuring location for your Lever environment can help to prevent issues with the ingestion of postings by job boards.

Configuring locations for your Lever instance

The locations configured for your Lever environment should consist of a city/state as well as a country. By configuring locations this way, you ensure that job boards can ingest postings of all location types, including postings for remote positions. To configure locations for your Lever environment:

  • Navigate to Settings > Company > Location
  • To add a new location...
    • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the + Add location button
    • In the 'Location name' field, type the name of the city/state/province
    • Select the location's country from the 'Country' menu
    • Click the Add button
      • Note: The Add button will become clickable once you input a value in the 'Location name' field, provided the value does not match the name of an existing location. While it is possible to add a new location without a defined country, we advise defining a country for all locations to ensure that all postings configured with that location can be properly ingested by job boards regardless of their location type.
  • To update an existing location...
    • Click the ellipses (⋯) aligned to the right of the location and select Edit
    • Edit the 'Location name' and/or select a new 'Country' as needed
    • Click the Update button
      • Note: While it is possible to update the name of a location without also defining a country, we advise defining a country for all locations to ensure that all postings configured with that location can be properly ingested by job boards regardless of their location type.

If any of your existing locations include the country in the 'Location name' field and the country field is undefined, we advise updating them to remove the country from the 'Location name' field and instead define the country using the 'Country' menu. In the example shown below, "USA" is removed from the 'Location name' field and then defined in the 'Country' field.

Live image of location being updated.


Data retention and anonymization rules can also be configured by country. Defining a country for all locations in your Lever environment will ensure that you can localize your data compliance measures based on the locations in which you are hiring. To learn more, refer to our help article on configuring data retention periods by country.

Configuring location and location type when creating postings

When creating a job posting, location and location type will be among the required fields you will need to define. You can select one of three location types - on-site, hybrid, or remote. On-site jobs require candidates to work from an office in a specific location. Remote jobs do not require candidates to work from a specific location. Hybrid jobs require that candidates have a part-time presence in an office at a specific location.

Use the 'Location' field to specify the geographical location of the office/business unit to which the posting is attributed. Even if you are creating a posting for a fully remote role, attributing the posting to a specific location will allow you to breakdown recruitment metrics geographically in Visual Insights and, if applicable, apply localized data retention rules to candidates associated with the posting (provided the location has a defined country).

Job title, location type, location, department/team, and work type fields in postinf editor. Location type and location fields are outlined.

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