Enabling and using the TopFunnel integration

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Recruiting has never been easier! Seamlessly integrate your pre-candidate and candidate data with Lever’s integration with TopFunnel. 

Set up is super fast and easy. Before you get started, please reach out to your TopFunnel account manager to enable the integration.

Enable the Integration between TopFunnel and Lever

Note: User must be a Super Admin to complete the below steps 

In Lever:

1. Navigate to the Integrations and API page in Lever Settings

2. Locate TopFunnel in the list, click on the integration toggle to expand the card, and click the "Generate new key"  button. Copy the API key and keep it somewhere safe. This is the one and only time that this API key will be accessible. If you lose the key, you can disable the integration toggle, and repeat these steps again.

Lever settings TopFunnel listing with blue generate new key button.

In TopFunnel:

1. Visit your TopFunnel Settings Page.

2. Select “Connect to Lever” under the ATS Integration section. Paste the API key generated in Lever. Click the “save” at the bottom of the page.

TopFunnel settings page with Your Lever API key field.

3. That’s it. After a minute your Lever jobs will become available to be attached to your TopFunnel campaigns.

Adding Lever Jobs to TopFunnel Campaigns

Whether creating an entirely new campaign or adding to an existing campaign, set up is quick and easy

1. Simply visit your TopFunnel Campaigns Page and click on the desired campaign name (or create a new one).

2. Navigate to the “Lever” tab and start typing the name of the Job as it appears in Lever. TopFunnel will automatically populate all available roles as soon as you start typing.

3. Click on the desired role and make sure you save!

 TopFunnel platform job posting editor showing Lever tab and job listing search field.

How does the integration work?

As soon as a TopFunnel Email gets sent out to a candidate, that candidate will be added to your Lever ATS as “Reached Out"  in your Leads pipeline. From there things should look very familiar! The candidate opportunity profile will include:

  • Name
  • Current Title and Company
  • Name of Sourcer
  • Name of Job
  • Date Added
  • TopFunnel tag and any additional custom tags.
  • Social link
  • Location
  • Email

Moving stages: TopFunnel will automatically change the Lead stage from “Reached Out” to “Responded” as soon as the candidate replies!

Please note: All TopFunnel correspondence (initial emails, follow ups and replies) with the candidate will be added to Lever under the “Overview” and “Notes” section of the candidate profile.

TopFunnel will automatically detect if a profile already exists in your Lever ATS avoid pushing a duplicate profile.

Example Candidate Profile:

Lever candidate profile showing Topfunnel tag.

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