Enabling and using the Microsoft Teams integration

Available for Roles (To use) Super Admin, Admin, Team Member, Limited Team Member
(To enable) Super Admin
Permissions • (To use) Manage profiles and view associated postings
• (To enable) Manage API credentials and manage integrations
Packages Lever Basic, LeverTRM, LeverTRM for Enterprise

Lever's integration with Microsoft Teams allows you to add Teams conferencing links to interviews scheduled through Lever, making booking interviews a more efficient and seamless process. Note that this integration can only be used in LeverTRM instances that are synced with Office 365. This integration is not supported in LeverTRM instances synced with GSuite or Microsoft Exchange(on-premise).

Enabling the Teams integration

The Teams video conferencing integration is built-in to LeverTRM and automatically enabled in instances using Lever's Office 365 calendar integration. No additional steps are needed to enable Teams video conferencing as an option when scheduling interviews. For more information on how the Office 365 integration works, refer to our help article on Office 365 calendar syncing.

Adding a Teams link to an interview

To schedule an interview with Teams:

  • Open the scheduler to book an interview with a candidate.
  • Fill out the date, interviewer, and feedback form fields.
  • Once you have added interviewers to the event, click the Location field and select Microsoft Teams from the list of conferencing options. A unique meeting link will be generated and added to the created calendar event. The meeting organizer will be the Lever user that created the interview, and the scheduled interview will show up in the designated calendar via the 'Add to Calendar' configuration.

Scheduler with location menu expanded next to interview and Microsoft Teams option highlighted.


When scheduling a panel with multiple interviews, all Teams Online Meetings links will be the same. The candidate will receive a single calendar event for the full panel duration and one Teams link. All interviewers will receive their respective meeting events with the same Teams link as the candidate.
  • If you wish to also add a physical room to the event, simply select a room from the same Location drop-down menu. This will book a physical room, and add a Teams link to the event once you have completed scheduling. 


Using Zoom and Teams links together in the same interview panel is not supported.
  • Click the Schedule button.
  • In the next section of the scheduler, you will notice that the Teams link is not appended on any interviewer's calendar events for which the Teams video conferencing location was selected. Note that this is expected behavior, and the single Teams link that will be used by all interviewers will be added to the calendar event upon creation.

Scheduling .png

  • Click the Preview button.
  • Click Send All to send out the calendar event invitation to the designated interviewers (as well as the candidate, if applicable).
    • If a calendar event with a Teams link is sent to a candidate, note that an additional placeholder panel event will be added to the assigned calendar. This placeholder is responsible for ensuring all interviews use the same Teams link and must not be deleted.


For those that have synced a shared calendar with their LeverTRM instance, note that only the owner of the shared calendar will be able to schedule interviews using Teams links. To learn more about shared calendars, refer to our shared calendars help article.

Creating an Easy Book link with Teams


In order to create an Easy Book link with a Microsoft Teams link, you must have a role provisioned with the 'Manage Easy Book links' permission.

Easy Book links allow candidates to self-schedule interviews based on their interviewer's availability, making interview booking fast and frictionless. Selecting the Microsoft Teams interview type option when creating your Easy Book links will make it so that interviews booked via your Easy Book links will be held on a Teams video call.

Easy Book page with microsoft teams meeting.png

When a candidate has booked an interview via your Easy Book link, the confirmation message they receive will include a note that a Teams link will be added to the calendar invitation.

Confirmation message sent to candidate with note that Microsoft Teams link will be added to calendar invite.

For full instructions on how to create Easy Book links, check out our Easy Book links help article.

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