Enabling the LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect (RSC) integration

Available for Roles Super Admin (Lever), Admin (LinkedIn Recruiter)
Permissions • Manage API credentials and manage integrations
Packages LeverTRM, LeverTRM for Enterprise
Select LinkedIn Recruiter packages (see below)


This article depicts and describes Lever's LinkedIn: Recommended Match & Unified Search feature included in the Winter 2024 Product Release, scheduled to rollout progressively in February 2024. For full details, refer to our Winter 2024 Product Release Notes.

This article will walk you through the steps to enable the LinkedIn RSC integration. Before proceeding, note that if you have an active LinkedIn Talent Hub account, you will not be able to enable this integration. If this is the case, we advise that you reach out to your LinkedIn contact to discuss migrating your data from LinkedIn Talent Hub to Lever. Once your data has been migrated and your Talent Hub account has been deprovisioned, you can proceed with enabling the LinkedIn RSC integration in Lever.

Lever’s integration with LinkedIn Recruiter will help you and your team work much more quickly and seamlessly across both platforms. For all LinkedIn Recruiter Corporate Edition users:

  • Candidates in Lever and LinkedIn Recruiter will be connected through Recruiter System Connect between the two solutions, saving you time and keeping you informed wherever you are working.
  • Within Lever, you will be able to view the candidate’s current LinkedIn profile. Within LinkedIn Recruiter, you will also be able to see candidates that are already in the Lever via an 'in-ATS' badge.
  • All of your LinkedIn Recruiter Notes and InMails will be visible directly in Lever for a complete view of all your candidate interactions. You will also be able to click within Lever to send an InMail.
  • All data on your Recruiter contract will sync to Lever, regardless of whether the associated recruiter is in Lever or not, or has had their seat linked.
  • If a candidate consents to the sharing of their information, a profile will automatically be created for them in Lever when they respond to InMail from a recruiter.


In order to use the Apply with LinkedIn integration, you must first enable the LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect integration using the steps outlined below. To learn more about the Apply with LinkedIn integration, refer to our Apply with LinkedIn help article.

Enabling the LinkedIn RSC integration

Step 1: Request integration access

  • In Lever, navigate to Settings > Integrations and API and click the LinkedIn - Recruiter System Connect (RSC) toggle under the 'Partner integrations' heading.
  • On the expanded tile, click the Sign In button to log into LinkedIn Recruiter. If the LinkedIn sign-in screen does not appear, try restarting the process in an Incognito window.

LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect integration toggle and tile in Lever with Sign in button.

  • Select a contract from the list of LinkedIn ATS Integrations.

LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect integration toggle and tile in Lever with Contract list under LinkedIn ATS Integrations heading.

  • Click the Choose package button, select the 'Sourcing Package,' and click the Save Changes button.

LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect integration toggle and tile in Lever with Sourcing package selected in Integrations packages listed and checkbox and Save changes button circled.

  • Confirm that the package is active for your contract and then click the Next button.

Step 2: Enable the integration

  • Click the Enable in LinkedIn button on the integration tile in Lever. You will be directed to your LinkedIn Recruiter account.

LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect integration toggle and tile in Lever with Enable in LinkedIn button circled. Company level access and contract level access are marked as enabled.

  • Click Edit to the right of the Lever application entry.
  • Enable all features and permissions, and then click the Save button.

LinkedIn Settings page with all features and permissions enabled and arrow pointing to Save button.

  • Back in Lever, click the Check Integration Status button. 'Company-level access' and 'Contract-level access' should now be enabled.

LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect integration toggle and tile in Lever with Check Integration Status button circled.

  • Click the Next button on the integration tile.

Step 3:  Link seats from LinkedIn Recruiter to Lever users

RSC's 1-click export feature and the ability to view LinkedIn profiles from the "LinkedIn Recruiter Connected" button on candidate profiles are only available when using a LinkedIn Recruiter seat.

  • Match the LinkedIn Recruiter seats to Lever users by clicking the Choose user button and selecting users from the drop-down menu.

LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect integration toggle and tile in Lever with arrow pointing to Lever user field next to LinkedIn seat. Done Linking Seats button is also circled.

  • Once you have finished linking all of your users, click the Done Linking Seats button. Lever will warn you of any unlinked seats. You can return to this integration tile in the future if you ever need to link more seats or edit existing links (see the section below on refreshing seats).

Step 4: Sync data between Lever and LinkedIn Recruiter

  • Click the Begin Sync button. The syncing process typically takes less than 30 minutes, but can take up to 48 hours for accounts with a large number of candidate records. You will not be able to use the integration until the sync is complete, however you can navigate away from the integration page while the sync is running. You will receive an in-app notification when the sync is complete.

LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect integration toggle and tile in Lever with Begin Sync button circled.

  • In rare cases, the sync process may encounter errors that will cause the sync to fail (for example in periods of site maintenance). If this happens, click the Retry button to re-initiate the process. If the problem persists after a multiple attempts, contact Lever Support.
  • When the sync is complete, the LinkedIn RSC toggle will turn blue to that the integration has been successfully activated.

Updating your LinkedIn RSC package selections

After configuring LinkedIn RSC in Lever, you can change the reporting package with Unified Search and Recommended Matches.

  • Navigate to Settings > Integrations and API
  • On the 'LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect' tile, click the Additional Configurations button.

LinkedIn RSC settings with additional configurations button outlined

This will display the LinkedIn RSC package selection options.

  • Click the Choose package button.
  • Choose the package you would like to enable within the integration
    • Unified Search
    • Recommended Matches
  • Click Save

RSC configuration settings with arrow pointing to Unified Search and Recommended Matches options.png

To learn more about using Unified Search and Recommended Matches, refer to our help article on discovering and adding candidates via LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect.

Refreshing LinkedIn Recruiter seats in Lever

When you add a colleague to your LinkedIn Recruiter account, you must also link their newly added seat in Lever by completing the following steps:

  • Navigate to Settings > Integrations and API
  • On the 'LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect' tile, scroll to the bottom of the user list and click the Refresh Seats button.

Arrow pointing to refresh seats button at the bottom of the user lists on the LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect tile.

  • Any new users on your LinkedIn Recruiter account will be added to the list of LinkedIn seats. Expand the menu next to their name and select the corresponding Lever user to which to match the seat (see Step 3 above).
  • Any users that have been deactivated on your LinkedIn Recruiter account will have their name crossed off the list to indicate that they are no longer active.

Prospect Notes and privacy settings in LinkedIn Recruiter

Prospect Notes settings in LinkedIn Recruiter allow users to configure whether they want their note to be private or public to users on their contract. By default, a Prospect Note created in LinkedIn Recruiter will be 'Private' and only visible to the owner of the notes. Only 'Public' notes will be synced with Lever in order to respect the privacy settings that a user configures within LinkedIn Recruiter.  If your organization would like LinkedIn Recruiter Notes to be shared publicly with users within the ATS via RSC, please contact LinkedIn to update your company note default setting with Recruiter to Public.'

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