Adding a company signature field to offers (Adobe Sign and DocuSign)

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As part of your offer process, your organization may wish to have company signatories sign off as witnesses on extended offers. If you have integrated DocuSign or Adobe Sign with you Lever environment, you can add a company signature field to your offer letters. You can then configure your offers to require signature from a company signatory either before being sent to the candidate or after the candidate has signed. Note that the company signature field requires that you have an e-signature integration (DocuSign or Adobe Sign) enabled in Lever. To learn how to enable these integrations, refer to the following help articles:

Adding the company signature field to an offer form

In order to capture the signature of a company signatory on an offer, you must first add the company signature field to your offer form:

  • Navigate to Settings > Offers > Offer forms
  • Select the offer form to which you wish to add the company signature field
    • If your Lever package supports multiple offer forms, you will be able to choose between the default offer form or any one of the custom offer forms you may have set up. If your Lever package does not support multiple offer forms, you will only be able to choose the default offer form. To learn more, refer to our offer forms help article.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the offer form editor and click the Add field button
  • Search (or scroll) to find the 'Company signature' offer fields; Lever will allow to add up to three company signature fields to an offer form

Offer form editor with field menu expanded and company signature field highlighted on hover.

  • Select the desired number of company signature fields to add them to the offer form
    • Offer fields appear on the offer form in the order that they are arranged in the editor. If you wish to change the location of the company signature field, simply click and drag the field tile to the desired location.
    • If you wish to make the designation of a company signatory mandatory for offers drafted using this offer form, select the 'Field is required' checkbox on the field tile.
  • Click the Save Changes button

To ensure they sign in the correct spot, you also need to add the company signature placeholder field to the appropriate spot in your offer letter template. For more information on customizing offer letters, refer to our help article on creating offer letter templates

Selecting signatories and configuring the signature requirement

When generating an offer, you will be prompted to designate company signatories (one or multiple depending on how many company signature fields have been added to the offer form). Select signatories from the menu of users in your Lever environment. These users will be receive a copy of the offer containing an e-signature field which they will be prompted to sign. Whether the user receives the offer before it is sent to the candidate or after the candidate has signed it will depend on how you configure the requirement in the 'Offer Letter' step of offer generation described below.

Offer form editor with Company signature field outlined

Once you have designated signatories, proceed to the next steps in the offer generation process - approvals (if applicable) and selecting an offer letter template.


If sending through DocuSign, once you have selected on offer letter template, scroll to the 'Who needs to sign?' header, beneath which you will find a checkbox labeled "The company signer(s) must sign before the offer is sent to the candidate." If you select this checkbox, the offer will first be sent to the signatories designated in company signature field before being sent to the candidate. The offer will not be sent to the candidate until all company signatories have signed. If you do not select this checkbox, the offer will be sent to the company signatories after it has been signed by the candidate.

Arrow pointing to checkbox labelled The company signers must sing before the offer is sent to the candidate checkbox in the offer editor

Signing an offer as a company signatory

The process for signing an offer as a company signatory can look different depending on the e-signature integration you are using (Adobe Sign or DocuSign), however the process is largely the same. The company signatory will receive an email from your organization's Adobe Sign/DocuSign account containing a link to the offer. The signatory will be prompted to then sign on the highlighted field. Refer to the images below for an example of what this process looks like using the DocuSign e-signature integration.

Email received by company signatory from DocuSign

Highlighted field for company signature on offer in DocuSign

Signature input from company signatory in DocuSign

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