Building interview criteria into feedback forms


Why should I do this?

Feedback forms are one of the most essential pieces of your Lever implementation. Most job seekers read reviews before forming an opinion of a company, and most that face a poor candidate experience go on to write online reviews on sites like Glassdoor. Your interview process is the key differentiator that sets you apart from competing companies. By building an interview process which is effective and efficient, you'll delight your top candidates, identify weak candidates quickly, ensure a consistent evaluation process and keep your entire hiring team aligned.

Best practices

Use feedback forms for interview feedback - not notes

Feedback forms are one of the most important aspects of your interview process. These forms define the interviewing experience for your candidates, help your team collaborate on the caliber of the candidates, and help you collect that feedback in a customized but consistent way.

Feedback forms are the best way to capture relevant information about your interview with a candidate to help determine whether they should move forward. Storing feedback in feedback forms offer instead of notes will allow you to generate reports on feedback-related metrics.

Feedback forms are created and customized via your Settings and then integrated into the interview process in your individual job postings.

The best way to make sure feedback ends up in the right place? Schedule your interviews within Lever:

Customize your feedback forms

Feedback forms are completely customizable. Think about the current structure of your interviews today; are your interviewers asking specific sets of questions? Or is every interview unique? Add your interview questions into Lever through feedback forms.

You can create separate feedback forms for different stages of your interview pipeline, different open roles, and even different sessions of an interview.

Assign feedback forms to your colleagues

Assigning specific feedback forms to your interviewers allows you to set up automatic reminders to submit feedback once an interview is complete. By assigning feedback forms, your interviewers have an obvious place to store their notes from an interview, and they'll receive reminders to do so - allowing you to make hiring decisions faster. 

We recommend assigning feedback forms in the 'Interview Plan' tab of every job posting, at the moment you create that job posting. Structuring this process now will save you time and reduce confusion during the interview scheduling process. 

If you want to build a more robust interview process you can create custom feedback forms for every interview stage in your pipeline. This will allow you to ask for very specific information to avoid vague responses and drive consistency across your interview process.

For example, let's say you're hiring for an Engineering Manager. Here's one potential feedback form configuration, broken down by pipeline stage:

Pipeline stage Feedback form(s)
Recruiter Screen
  • Recruiter Screen feedback form
Hiring Manager Interview
  • Hiring Manager feedback form
Technical Assessment
  • HackerRank feedback form
On-site Interview
  • On-site Peer feedback form
  • Product Demo feedback form
  • Lunch feedback form
  • Technical feedback form
  • Leadership Potential feedback form


Sample interview plan with feedback forms

Interview plan with feedback forms configured for each interview stage


With every Lever account there are three default feedback forms that will prompt interviewers to share their rating and general notes about the candidate. Look at our example feedback form templates if you need help getting started.

With Lever's feedback forms, you'll keep your hiring team aligned, focused and driven at each stage of your recruiting process.


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