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This article depicts and describes Lever's Multi-Location Posting feature included in the Fall 2023 Product Release, scheduled to rollout progressively in November 2023. For full details, refer to our Fall 2023 Product Release Notes.

Multi-Location Posting enables you to streamline your recruiting activities by publishing a single job in multiple locations. With Multi-Location Posting you can add up to 14 secondary locations to your job postings, allowing candidates to specify their location of interest. 

Enabling Multi-Location Posting

Multi-location job postings can be enabled by users with Lever Super Admin, Admin or anyone with the permission to Manage Job Sites.

  • Navigate to Settings > Job Site > Posting Configuration
  • Turn on the 'Allow users to add secondary locations to postings' toggle

Lever settings Job Site page showing secondary locations field toggle on blue

Creating Multi-Location Postings

Multi-location job postings are configured in the first stage of the standard posting creation process. For full steps on creating postings refer to our help article on creating and managing job postings. For multi-location postings, in the Posting first step:

  • Identify a primary location
  • Identify secondary locations from the drop down list
    • Up to 14 secondary locations can be selected
    • Secondary locations can be from multiple countries

Lever job posting creating window with arrow pointing to secondary locations field and dropdown menu with list of locations

Posting approvals

If you have job posting approval workflows configured, they will trigger for multi-location postings based only on the primary location. Workflows will not trigger based on secondary locations. The emails that users in your approval chain receive as part of the approval workflow will include the full list of secondary locations. In this way, approvers will still have visibility into the multi-location nature of the posting.

Lever posting approval window with four locations listed in the locations section

Job site

On your Lever hosted job site, filtering by location will return a multi-location job posting as long as the posting contains the filtered location. All the configured location will be listed at the top of the posting.

Lever punlished job posting with arrow pointing to four listed locations

Applicants' preferred locations

For multi-location postings, a preferred location question will automatically appear on the application form. If you don't configure the question, it will be non mandatory by default and use Lever's default text. To configure the preferred location question:

  • Navigate to Settings > Job Site > Application form Multiple location postings section
  • Make the question mandatory by clicking the asterisk (*) on the right.
  • Click into the preferred location text box to update the question text. 

Lever multiple location postings settings editor showing preferred location section with Which location are you applying for? in the text box.

The preferred location question will appear on the application form with a dropdown list of the primary and secondary locations configured for the posting. Candidates will select their preferred location from the dropdown list.

Lever application page with which location are you applying for with dropdown location list showing multiple locations.

If the applicant does not indicate or changes their preferred location, you can update the location directly in the candidate’s opportunity.

 Lever opportunity showing dropdown list of locations.

Viewing candidates of multi-location postings

Lever grants access to candidates of multi-location postings based on your existing permissions for access to opportunities and Sensitive Information Privileges. Learn more about access in our help article on granting candidate access to users.

If you have configured candidate access based on location restrictions, users with access to any location listed on a multi-location posting will be able to view all and any of the opportunities associated with the posting.

  • For example: Assume your current permissions ensure that recruiters can access secret notes or opportunities based on location restrictions. You have a multi-location job posting called 'Software Engineer', with two locations - San Francisco, CA, and New York, NY. A recruiter with access to opportunities in New York, NY, can still access and see all opportunities associated with the opportunity Software Engineer, regardless of which location the candidate applied to.

Creating offers for Multi-Location Postings

When creating an offer for a candidate for a multi-location opportunity, select the candidate's intended working location. This ensures the candidate's intended location is recorded and generates the relevant offer form. To learn more about offers refer to our help article on creating offers.

  • During the Offer details stage, in the Job location field select the candidate's intended working location from the dropdown list

Lever offer creator modal showing offer details stage with arrow pointing to Job Location field with dropdown list of locations.

  • After selecting the job location, click Click here to update in the blue banner at the top of the page to load the updated offer form.

Lever offer creator modal showing offer details stage with arrow pointing to Click here to update link in the blue banner.

The relevant offer form for that location will populate. If the offer location is different from the opportunity location, the opportunity location will be automatically changed to the offer location.

Configuring Multi-Location Postings for job boards


You can publish multi-location job postings from Lever to LinkedIn, including career site scraping (if you have this configured for your Lever and LinkedIn accounts). A multi location job will be distributed as individual postings for each location advertised in the job. To learn more about successfully configuring job postings and multi-location job postings for LinkedIn, refer to our article on publishing job postings to LinkedIn.

  • For LinkedIn ingestion, only 7 locations for one job posting will be published- 1 primary and up to 6 secondary. Postings with more than 7 locations will publish the first 7 locations to LinkedIn, the rest will be excluded in the order in which they were configured. 

LinkedIn Apply Connect

  • When applying on LinkedIn Apply, applicants will be provided the preferred location question where they can select from the full list of configured secondary locations and primary location. If you have set the preferred location question as mandatory, applicants will need to respond to the question to apply for the posting.
  • When applying on LinkedIn Apply, applicants will be provided the preferred location question. If you have configured the preferred location as mandatory, applicants will need to respond to the question to apply for the posting. Learn more about
  • If you are not using the Lever integration and have a separate workflow with LinkedIn, please discuss with LinkedIn beforehand on ingesting multi-location jobs.


If you are using Lever’s Indeed XML Integration, jobs will be published from Lever to Indeed with no additional steps. If you are not using the Lever Indeed integration, please speak with your Indeed Account rep to discuss ingestion of multi-location job postings.

  • A multi-location job will be distributed as individual postings for each location advertised in the job. For example, if you have a multi-location job in Lever advertised in New York, New York and Austin, Texas, Indeed will distribute it as two separate jobs - one posting for each location.
  • When an applicant applies to either job, they’ll be redirected to your job site to apply to the same job as originally advertised.

If you use Indeed Apply (where applicants complete the application within Indeed) the applicant will be presented with the preferred location question in the application form. This preferred location question can be made mandatory or not mandatory.

Lever's JobTarget Integration

  • A multi-location posting will be distributed as individual postings for each location advertised in the job. For e.g if you have a multi-location job in Lever advertised in New York, NY & Austin, TX, JobTarget will distribute it as two separate jobs. However, when an applicant applies to either job, they’ll be redirected to your job site to apply to the same job as originally advertised. Learn more in our JobTarget integration help article.

Reporting on Multi-Location Postings

Visual Insights

In the Visual Insights Multi-Location Opportunities Dashboard, using the Posting location filter will return multi-location postings based on both their primary and secondary locations. For example, if you filter Posting location by 'New York, NY', then this will filter the dashboard by job postings where 'New York, NY' is either the primary or the secondary location.

Lever Visual Insisghts Multi-Location Opportunities dashboard with square surrounding Posting location field with New York, NY listed.


Multi-location posting information is only available on the Multi-Location Opportunities Dashboard. For all other Visual Insights dashboards, secondary location information cannot be used to filter. Certain drill downs on the Postings Dashboard will display a column for 'secondary posting location(s)', but you cannot filter the dashboard by secondary location. 

Data Explorer

In Data Explorer, you can report on secondary locations in the Opportunities data set. The data set now includes fields such as the primary location along with a list of secondary locations. This allows for custom reporting based on secondary location.

Frequently asked questions

How does Data Compliance work in the context of Multi-Location Postings?

For multi-location postings, data compliance will follow the primary location country’s policy. For example, if you have a job with Toronto, Ontario, Canada as a primary location, and New York, NY, USA as secondary, your Data Compliance will be based on your Canada policy. Learn more in our help article on configuring data compliance settings.

Can I filter the Candidates page by secondary location or candidates' preferred location? 

No. On the Candidates page, it is only possible to filter for opportunities based on the primary location of the multi-location posting. It is not possible to filter by the secondary or the preferred location of the candidate.

For example, if a multi-location job posting has a primary location in New York, NY, and a secondary location in San Francisco, CA, you can only retrieve opportunities associated with this posting by filtering for New York, NY with the location filter in the left hand menu, regardless of the candidate's preferred location.

Can I search for opportunities via advanced search using secondary locations and/or candidates' preferred locations?
No. Advanced search enables you to search by a candidate’s own location, i.e the location on the candidate's profile in Lever parsed from their resume or added manually. It does not search based on posting location or preferred location. 
Can I search for postings on the Jobs page using secondary locations?
Yes. When filtering for specific locations on the Jobs page, multi-location postings will be returned by both primary and secondary locations. 
Can multi-location job postings display multiple salary ranges for different locations? 
No. Multi-location postings do not support multiple salary ranges for multiple locations. One multi-location posting can support a single pay range in the salary range field. We recommend inputting a wide enough salary range to accommodate all locations. You can use the Salary range Description field to add additional details, such as the specific range and explanation for each of the locations.
Can I add multiple locations to a requisition? 
No. The multi-location postings feature has no impact on requisitions. 
In a multi-location job application, can we ask applicants for multiple location preferences?
No. Only a single preferred location can be selected. Allowing just a single preferred location ensures the correct location-based surveys are generated for the applicant on the application page. Additionally, having a single preferred location ensures location-based automations can be built and triggered correctly. Learn more about automations in our help center article on creating and managing automation workflows.
Do multi-location postings allow a mix of remote, hybrid, and on-site locations? 
No. Only one location type is permitted per job posting. Your primary location and any secondary locations will all have the same location type - all remote, all hybrid, or all on-site.
When submitting a referral form for a multi-location posting, can referrers select a preferred location for the referred candidate?
No. It is not possible to select a preferred location via the referral form. We recommend reaching out directly to the referred candidate to add their preferred location to Lever manually.
Is 'allLocations' a parameter in the Lever API?
No. 'allLocations' is not a parameter that can be set when retrieving postings. The API will only look at the posting’s primary location when filtering by the specified location parameter.
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