Sample feedback forms


Why should I do this?

Once you've reviewed our best practices for defining interview criteria and building your interview criteria into feedback forms, you might still need a little inspiration. Use these samples as a foundation for your feedback forms, incorporating your organization's unique company values and role-specific needs into your own feedback forms.

Best Practices

Standard feedback form

Sample feedback form

Sample recruiter screen feedback form

Begin by defining the scope of this interview, and make the Lever rating required to drive decision-making forward. As you build questions into your form, make sure to select the answer format which is most appropriate for each question. A scorecard is usually the fastest way to evaluate a candidate for a number of important traits and characteristics. Don't forget to leave a general text box for any remaining comments or lingering questions. If you find yourself inputting the same kind of information in this comments field over and over again, build the relevant questions into your feedback form.

Recruiter feedback form

Sample hiring manager interview feedback form

Hiring manager feedback form

Sample onsite interview feedback form

One-site feedback form


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