Enabling and using the Boon application

Available for User roles Super Admin, Admin, Team Member, Limited Team Member
Can only be configured by Super Admins
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The Boon integration will seamlessly sync jobs on Lever to Boon and sync referrals from Boon to Lever. 

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Setting up the Boon integration


Access role must be Super Admin in Lever to set up the integration. You must be a team or organization with admin rights in Boon to install this integration.
  • In the Boon platform, navigate to the Opening section and go to Settings

If you have received access to the Lever integration by the Boon Customer Success team, please complete the following: 

  • Click Lever Import


  • If you do not see this option, either ask your Boon Customer Success contact admin or leave a message on the Boon support chat
  • On the next screen, log into Lever
  • Review the list of requested permissions and click Accept to authorize the Boon integration

Configuring the integration

Configure Webhooks

  • After clicking Accept, you will be redirected back to Boon 
  • On Lever, click navigate to Settings > Integrations and API > Webhooks 
  • For the following webhooks, toggle them on (green position) and paste the Boon webhook URL that you copied from your Boon Customer Success Manager:
    • Candidate Stage Change
    • Candidate Archive Stage Change


Configuration of the integration is now complete.

Please contact support@goboon.co or your Boon Customer Success Manager for any troubleshooting assistance regarding the integration. 

Disabling the integration

  • In Lever, navigate to SettingsIntegrations and API
  • Under the Authorized Apps tab, locate the Boon app 
  • Click Revoke Access to disable the integration
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