Enabling and using the JobTarget integration

Available for Roles Super Admin, Admin, Team Member
Can only be enabled by Super Admins
Permissions • (To enable) Manage API credentials and manage integrations
• (To use) Create and edit postings
Packages LeverTRM, LeverTRM for Enterprise

JobTarget is a platform designed to help you find the best sites to advertise your jobs. Lever's integration with JobTarget allows you to automatically publish your public Lever postings to the following job boards as non-sponsored postings, free of charge: Zip Recruiter, Monster, Talent, Myjobhelper, Adzuna, Jora, and Jooble. Job seekers on these platforms will be redirected to your Lever job site to submit applications.

Enabling the JobTarget integration


The following setup steps can only be completed by a user with Super Admin access in Lever. We advise reviewing JobTarget's Terms of Use and Privacy Policy to understand the guidelines for and implications of enabling this integration. 
  • Navigate to Settings > Integrations and API, scroll to the 'Job boards' heading, and click the JobTarget toggle

JobTarget integration toggle in Lever Settings.

  • Input the email address, first name, and last name of the person in your organization that will be the administrator and point of contact for your organization's JobTarget account that Lever creates when setting up this integration; the email and contact name entered in this setup screen do not have to be the same as the Lever user enabling the integration
    • If your organization does not have a JobTarget account, Lever will automatically create an account as part of the integration setup process with the individual whose information you entered as the administrator.
    • If your organization already has a JobTarget account, you can either enter the name and email of one of your JobTarget account administrators, or enter the details for any other account administrator that you would like Lever to add to your JobTarget account. 

Email address, first name, and last name fields on JobTarget integration tile.

  • Once you have entered the email and contact of an administrator for your JobTarget account, click Enable Integration button to complete the setup process.
  • Lever will publish your external job postings to JobTarget, which will in turn will begin automatically publishing all current and future external postings to the job boards it supports free of charge
    • Your Lever postings will begin appearing on the boards JobTarget publishes to for free within 1 - 2 business days. As each job board's terms of use and eligibility requirements vary, posting visibility will be subject to these boards' respective policies and conditions. 


The JobTarget integration cannot be enabled on a per-job basis. Once enabled, all open external postings in your LeverTRM instance will be sent to JobTarget for syndication to the free job board channels supported by JobTarget.

Candidate source tags from JobTarget job boards

Once your postings have been published to the supported job boards via the JobTarget integration, interested job seekers will be redirected to your Lever job site to submit applications. These candidates will appear in Lever with an origin of 'Applied' and with 2 source tags: one for JobTarget, and another associated for the job board through which the candidate was directed to your job site (e.g. ZipRecruiter, Adzuna, etc.)

Close up of opportunity profile with Applied origin and JobTarget and ZipRecruiter source tags.

Viewing posting publication status

If the name and email address of the administrator that you input during integration setup is not associated with an existing JobTarget user or company account, Lever will create a JobTarget account for your organization and an admin user within this JobTarget account. This is strictly for the purposes of publishing your Lever postings to JobTarget. The admin user will not be immediately able to log in to JobTarget to access the JobTarget account.

To view the publication status of Lever postings in JobTarget, you will need to contact JobTarget Support in order to setup login access for your JobTarget account. In addition to providing you access to view your postings' publication status in JobTarget, setting up JobTarget login access is beneficial for considering JobTarget's other products and service offerings, including:

  • Advertising jobs on 25,000+ job boards
  • OFCCP compliance
  • Programmatic Advertising
  • DiversityPost
  • Compensation Analyzer

To learn more about other JobTarget services and products, including how to access additional job boards, visit JobTarget's Customer Support portal or email support@jobTarget.com.

Disabling the JobTarget integration

To disable the JobTarget integration:

  • Navigate to Settings > Integrations and API, scroll to the 'Job boards' heading
  • Click the JobTarget toggle and then click the Yes, disable button

Once the integration is disabled, Lever immediately stops providing your job feed to JobTarget. In turn, JobTarget stops publishing updates and new jobs to the free channels it supports.


Disabling the integration does not automatically un-publish your jobs from the job boards to which they were posted via the integration. To have any open jobs removed from job boards, you must either contact the job board(s) directly or contact JobTarget Support for assistance. Disabling this integration also does not delete your account with JobTarget.

Frequently asked questions

Which other job boards can I advertise on through JobTarget?

The list of over 25,000 boards that JobTarget can advertise to can be found here: https://platform.jobtarget.com/oc/marketplace/public

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