Summer 2022 Release


Our Summer 2022 release was rolled out starting in August 2022. There will be an off-cycle release with additional features rolling out in progressive waves starting in September 2022.

Summer Release Webinar

Below you will find the recording of our Summer Release webinar which took place on August 11 2022 at 9:00 AM PT / 12:00 PM ET.

Summer Release Features

Visual Insights becomes the default for analytics and reporting in Lever (LeverTRM)
We are excited to announce that Visual Insights, Lever's next-generation analytics platform, will become the default in-app reporting interface. You will continue to be able to access Legacy Reporting.

Visual Insights was developed with customer feedback in mind to create a curated library of dashboards and features that truly empower data-driven talent acquisition teams to move fast and hire smarter. Everything you need to begin using Visual Insights can be found in our Help Center, including information on how to transition to Visual Insights. Visit our Visual Insights webinar page to register for a session or watch a recording of a past session.

Additional role-based dashboard in Visual Insights
Visual Insight will have three new Hiring Manager dashboards to enable hiring managers to track key metrics across their postings, requisitions, pipeline, interviews, and opportunities for open roles. These include: Hiring Manager Postings (LeverTRM), Hiring Manger Requisitions (LeverTRM Enterprise or Advanced HR add-on), and Hiring Manager Pipeline (Advanced Analytics). To learn more, refer to our Hiring Manager dashboard help article.

Automation Hub - email candidates (LeverTRM Enterprise or Advanced Automation add-on)
Create automation workflows that can send emails to candidates, use email templates, send Consent Links, and can be configured to send to dynamic recipients, such as posting owner, posting hiring manager, and opportunity owner. To learn more, refer to our help article on setting up email automations.

Time-to-Fill Configuration (LeverTRM Enterprise or Advanced HR add-on)
Customize how your Time-to-Fill metric is calculated by choosing the custom start and end events that measure time-to-fill on the Requisitions dashboard in Visual Insights. To learn more, refer to our help article on configuring the time to fill calculation.

Multiple Offer Forms - additional improvements (LeverTRM Enterprise or Advanced HR add-on)
UI improvements and helper text have been added to provide context and improve user experience. Search functionality has been added to offer fields. We've also added the ability to duplicate offer forms. To learn more, refer to our offer forms help article.

Self-serve bulk candidate import (LeverTRM)
Perform a bulk candidate import directly in app instead of submitting a request with Lever Support, enabling you to manage the maintenance of your own candidate database. To learn more, refer to our help article on bulk candidate import.

Indeed Job Feed & Indeed Apply
Using our Indeed Job Feed integration, your team will see their postings and updates on Indeed 4x faster than they do today. Refer to our Indeed integration help article to learn more.

Integrations for EU customers
Lever EUDC customers will now be able to enable and use the 100+ OAuth-based integrations available in Lever's Partner Ecosystem, helping you get value out of popular integrated hiring tools used for sourcing, interviewing, onboarding and more.

New and updated integrations
Click the following integration titles to be directed to the help article for that integration: BrightHire, Cleary, Employee Cycle, Joynd, Maki, Predictive Index, Spottabl, Vpply, Willo, BarRaiser, Built for Teams, Cauldron, ClearChecks, Cord, Equip, HireAction, JOIN, JobTwine, and ZoomInfo TalentOS.

For product updates outside our seasonal releases, check out our 2022 Improvements page and Bug Fixes page.

Summer Off-Cycle Release Features

Data compliance - data retention by location (LeverTRM)
Configure the retention period for candidate data per country to ensure compliance with local data privacy regulations. To learn more, refer to our help article on configuring data retention periods by location.

Visual Insights: Recently Viewed Dashboards (LeverTRM)
This new section within the navigation bar of Visual Insights allows you to quickly access dashboards that you have viewed in the last 30 days. To learn more, refer to our help article about Recently Viewed Dashboards.


With the addition of Time-to-Fill Configuration, the Data Warehouse Sync (DWS) schema requisitions table is getting three new columns: time_to_fill start, time_to_fill_end, and requistion_approved_at. These date fields can be used to record when hiring for a particular requisition started and ended. Requisition approval date will also be added to the schema in order to support additional time to fill calculations.

We’re adding three new columns to the opportunity_forms table: interview_panel_id, interview_panel_interview_id, and account_stage_id. These additional fields will help support query optimization. By including these fields in the opportunity_forms table, it allows you to reference and count interview IDs without joining it to the opportunity_feedback_events table.

The deprecated parameter, include_deleted, within the List All Opportunities API endpoint will no longer be supported by Lever starting August 25, 2022. To retrieve deleted opportunities from Lever via the API, use the newer List Deleted Opportunities endpoint, using the parameters deleted_at_start and deleted_at_end.

We’ve added country as a field to our Postings API to allow even greater flexibility when customizing careers sites and organizing your job information. This country comes from the location definitions found in your company settings.

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