Spring 2022 Release



Our Spring 2022 Release is scheduled for progressive rollout starting May 2022.

Spring Release Webinar

Register for our Spring Release Webinar taking place on May 19 2022 at 9:00 AM PT / 12:00 PM ET for to see a live walkthrough of these features. If you cannot attend, still be sure to register as the webinar recording and FAQ will be shared with all registrants. There will also be time for Q&A during the session.

Spring Release Features

Self-Serve Pipeline & Archive Configuration (LeverTRM)
Configure your unified pipeline stages and archive reasons to mirror your hiring processes within the Lever application. This new configuration experience will empower system administrators to better understand how their pipeline and archive intersect with core functionality so that they can make informed and intentional modifications over time. More information here!

Visual Insights: Offer Dashboard Renovation (LeverTRM)
The renovated Visual Insights Offers dashboard now makes it easier than ever to answer key questions on offers including Offer Acceptance Rate and Average Time to Offer Acceptance.

There is also a new Offers dashboard for Advanced Analytics customers that includes detailed metrics on Offer Revisions and Approvals. More information here!

Time-to-Hire Configuration (LeverTRM)
Customize how your Time-to-hire metric is calculated. You can choose the events that dictate the start and end date of the candidate-facing hiring process. More information here!

Dynamic Approvals (LeverTRM Enterprise or Advanced HR add-on)
Offer approvals get two additional features:

  • Custom dynamic approvers: Create custom dynamic approver tokens that allow the recruiter to select the offer approver when creating the offer.

  • Super Admin override: allows Super Admins to make approval decisions on behalf of other users.

Posting approvals is updated to allow for multi-select criteria, creating approval chains for internal, external, or unlisted postings, custom dynamic approvers, and Super Admin overrides.

Requisition approvals is also updated with the new features, including allowing for backfill to be used as an approval criteria, custom field criteria, multi-select chain criteria, custom approval step conditions, custom dynamic approvers, and Super Admin overrides. More information coming soon!

Multiple Offer Forms (LeverTRM Enterprise or Advanced HR add-on)
Create multiple offer forms with unique offer field sets that are conditionally matched to offers based on Dept/Team, Location, Work-type, or profile origin. The matching offer form is automatically displayed upon offer creation, depending on the posting or profile details. More information coming soon!

Note: If your team utilizes an integration that sends offer details to an external system using Lever's API (i.e. HRIS integrations), you should review and possibly update your integration before creating additional offer forms. 

Visual Insights: Candidate Experience Surveys Dashboard (LeverTRM Enterprise or Advanced Automation add-on)
Visual Insights now has a dashboard for Candidate Experience Surveys for you to be able to understand trends and glean insights from your candidate responses. More information here!

Metrics include:

  • Survey completion rate

  • Average ratings by question over time

  • Rating by Posting, Department, and Team

Data Explorer (LeverTRM Enterprise or Advanced Analytics add-on)
Create and save custom reports and visualizations. This functionality is exposed through Looker’s “Explore” capabilities. This is a fully hosted BI analytics feature. More information coming soon!

You’ll be able to create custom reports for 2 (+1) data sets:

  • Opportunities

  • Non-anonymized EEO

    • Anonymized EEO

Team View Recruiter Operations Dashboards (Advanced Analytics add-on only)
New Team View (Admin/Super Admin only) dashboards for Recruiter Operations Current Operations and Performance that will allow TA Leaders and Recruiting Managers to see all Recruiters (the Recruiter-specific dashboards for Current Operations and Performance will still be available). More information here!

New and updated integrations from attract.ai, Employa, goldi, Hackajob, Honeit, Hubspot, JobTarget Sourcer, Meetcode, tilr, VideoAsk (by Typeform), Wednesday, Wintrgarden, Workload, Youthall, LeapGrad, myInterview, Pillar, Reimbi, TestGorilla, Trace, Turn, Yobs, Applicant360, Compa, Deel, HR Cloud, Landing.Jobs, ishield.ai, Rolebot, VidCruiter, Rectxt, Self Management Group, GRIT, Mettl (from Mercer), cFIRST, HeyTeam, Flatly, InterviewVector, Kula, Emissary


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