Bug Fixes 2022


This article provides a timeline and descriptions of bug fixes released in 2022. As this article is quite dense, we recommend using a keyword search on this webpage (Mac: + F  || Windows: Ctrl + F ) to find information related to a specific area of the product.

Date Fix Description
February 18 LinkedIn job feed: Resolved an issue that was preventing updates to Lever's XML feed to LinkedIn.
March 4 Data API: Reviewed an issue where null values in offer fields were not expected when returned by the API. Null API values for offer documents will occur when using the 'Mark offer as signed' feature in Lever or when a signed offer has been uploaded as a 'sent' offer file.
April 22 LinkedIn RSC: Resolved an issue that caused errors with syncing Lever users to LinkedIn Recruiter seatholders. This was found to be related to a recent change to LinkedIn's API. Users who recently experienced issues setting up the RSC integration should retry initial setup. Any users who were trying to update seatholders should click to 'Refresh Seats' in the LinkedIn RSC setup menu in Lever.
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