Bug Fixes 2022


This article provides a timeline and descriptions of bug fixes released in 2022. As this article is quite dense, we recommend using a keyword search on this webpage (Mac: + F  || Windows: Ctrl + F ) to find information related to a specific area of the product.

Date Fix Description
January 4 LinkedIn RSC: Investigated issues preventing some accounts from successfully configuring the RSC integration in Lever. For customers whose initial integration setup or sync experienced issues, resetting and re-trying the integration setup resolved these issues.
February 1 Corrected logic that was causing the 'Longest open postings' chart on the Postings dashboard in Visual Insights to display inaccurate data.
February 2 Resolved issue causing the 'Hired' chart on the Nurture dashboard in Visual Insights to reflect all candidates instead of only hired candidates.
February 3 Resolved issue preventing customers on Lever's EU data centre from bookmarking and sharing filtered dashboards in Visual Insights.
February 7 Resolved issue causing the 'Average time to hire' chart on the Pipeline dashboard in Visual Insights to display inaccurate data.
February 10 Resolved issue causing intermittent discrepancy between the Zoom link in interview location fields and the event description fields when interviews were rescheduled.
February 11 Fixed an issue that caused the archive status in the candidate exports to incorrectly display as "false."
February 17 Resolved issue where changing the first interviewer could cause the scheduling of a panel to fail and the Zoom link to disappear.

Resolved issues which could result in Zoom meetings being incorrectly removed when updating all interview panels going forward.
February 18 LinkedIn job feed: Resolved an issue that was preventing updates to Lever's XML feed to LinkedIn.
March 1 Resolved issue issue preventing offers for hired candidates from being revised if the headcount for the associated requisition was filled.
March 3 LinkedIn job feed (XML): resolved a resource issue that caused a temporary delay in refreshing the XML job feed data Lever sends to LinkedIn. Lever has added resources and additional monitoring to prevent this issue recurring.
March 4 Data API: Reviewed an issue where null values in offer fields were not expected when returned by the API. Null API values for offer documents will occur when using the 'Mark offer as signed' feature in Lever or when a signed offer has been uploaded as a 'sent' offer file.
March 8 Corrected logic that was causing charts showing number of days open on the Postings dashboard in Visual Insights to display inaccurate data, depending on the filters that were applied.
March 23 Lever identified an issue in HackerRank where, when sending the same test to a candidate from Lever more than once, HackerRank would incorrectly notify Lever of the test results. This was communicated to HackerRank and they have now resolved this issue on their end which has fixed this issue.
March 28 Resolved permissions issue with some Visual Insights dashboards preventing them from being shared with other users.
March 29 Resolved issue causing data on the Diversity dashboard in Visual Insights to not reflect the filtered date range.
March 30 Visual Insights: Lever has updated its last mile data pipeline to a more reliable in-house system. The previous system used batch processing which would fail under certain conditions. We have moved to a more stable streaming system that we expect to reduce the occurrences of stale data in the long term.
April 1 Indeed: Resolved an issue where Indeed's 'Apply Now' button was not visible on some postings, preventing applicants from proceeding. This was resolved working with Indeed to correct application handling for postings that have no custom application questions in Lever.

Resolved issue causing the Next button to become disabled during the offer creation process despite all required fields being populated.
April 7 Visual Insights: Resolved an issue resulting from a failure to identify users sharing the Recruiter Operations dashboard, causing the rendered report to be absent of useful data.
April 12 Resolved issue causing dashboards in Visual Insights to return zero values when filtered for opportunities with the origin 'Applied.'
April 19 Resolved issue causing drilled charts on the Offers dashboard in Visual Insights to show candidates as "Anonymized" instead of listing candidate names.
April 22 LinkedIn RSC: Resolved an issue that caused errors with syncing Lever users to LinkedIn Recruiter seatholders. This was found to be related to a recent change to LinkedIn's API. Users who recently experienced issues setting up the RSC integration should retry initial setup. Any users who were trying to update seatholders should click to 'Refresh Seats' in the LinkedIn RSC setup menu in Lever.
April 25 Corrected emailing threading logic that was causing Nurture campaigns to intermittently continue even if the candidate replied.

Resolved issue causing salary type to not appear in offer editor.

Resolved issue with date range filter on the Postings dashboard in Visual Insights, causing incorrect archived and hired chart values to be displayed.

Resolved issue causing stale data to appear in the charts on the Offers dashboard in Visual Insights.
May 2 Zoom integration: Resolved issue where Zoom links were not being removed/deleted when individual interviews were discarded or an entire interview panel was discarded.
May 13 Resolved issue causing the Visual Insights EEO export to display the same value for the team and department columns for a given row. Resolution ensures that the team and department columns display the correct values.

Resolved issue that causing requisition approvers to appear as blanks in Visual Insights requisition custom fields export.
May 20 Resolved issue causing to the Visual Insights EEO export to show blanks for some candidate names and email addresses.
May 23 Resolved issue causing inaccurate candidate counts on the charts on the Overview dashboard in Visual Insights.
June 3 Resolved issue causing hired candidate data to be missing from the Conversions chart on Pipeline dashboard in Visual Insights.
June 13 LinkedIn RSC: Investigated issues where customers were unable to setup the integration. These issues were found to be caused either by configuration errors on the associated LinkedIn Recruiter account, or by users' browser settings blocking content from LinkedIn.
June 14 Corrected logic for advanced date range filter in Visual Insights to refer to the current date if the end of the year is greater than the current date. Prior to this correction, average time in stage values may have appeared inaccurate when using the advanced date range filter.

Resolved issue preventing the data range filter from being applied to the Candidate Experience Surveys dashboard in Visual Insights.
July 5 Resolved issue causing 'Profile Archive Status' and 'Posting Archive Status' to be listed as "False" in the candidate export.
July 13 Resolved issue preventing requisitions other that those that were open from being available for selection in the 'Requisition' filter in Visual Insights.

Resolved issue causing discrepancy between open headcount for requisitions appear in Visual Insights and open headcount for requisitions appearing in exported report.
July 15 LinkedIn Apply Connect: Resolves an issue where some Lever postings remained visible on LinkedIn after having been closed in Lever. This issue was caused by outages and timeouts with LinkedIn's API used for job processing; Lever addressed this by improving and extending the re-sync process used to keep postings on LinkedIn up to date.

Resolved an access control issue causing Legacy Exports to fail for users with Super Admin level access.
July 25 [Lever API] Resolved an issue related to updating a contact's name via API. While updating a contact's name via API was successfully updating the name value used in profile views, these updates were not reflecting in candidate list views in Lever or in search results. This issue has been resolved so that updates to contacts made via API are now consistent with updates made directly in Lever.
July 28 LinkedIn - Apply with LinkedIn: Corrected an issue related to Lever's recent migration to LinkedIn's updated data mode for Apply with LinkedIn (AWLI). This issue was was causing the AWLI button to stay in a dysfunctional loading state. This has now been corrected so that the AWLI button functions properly for pre-populating some application form fields using a LinkedIn member's profile data.
August 3 Resolved issue causing filters on the Requisitions dashboard in Visual Insights to not work.
August 9 Resolved issue preventing data exports of files over 500 MB from Visual Insights.
August 19 Apply with LinkedIn: Resolved an issue that affected some customers' ability to enable this integration. This was due to issues identified in the sequencing of the integration setup in Lever.
August 28 Resolved issue preventing the Teams filter on the 'Archive reasons' page on the EEO dashboard in Visual Insights from working.
August 31 Resolved issue preventing the 'Requisition' field from being added back to the offer form when requisitions are re-enabled after having been disabled.
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