Winter 2021 Release



Our Winter 2021 release is scheduled for progressive rollout starting January 2022.

Winter Release Features

Offer Approvals Improvements: Lever’s offer approvals will be updated to allow you and your team to have a more flexible and dynamic offer approval process. This update will give the ability to select multiple values for approval conditions to reduce duplicate approval chains. The addition of allowing custom fields will enable flexibility for them to fit your organization’s needs. Learn more here!

Visual Insights Rebrand: A redesigned experience is coming to Visual Insights for talent analytics! Including a cleaner navigation bar that helps you find what you need. Learn more here!

Visual Insights: Diversity Survey dashboard: In addition to our existing EEO Dashboard, users will have access to measure progress towards their Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) goals with the ability to report on Diversity Survey data. Learn more here!

Visual Insights: Recruiter Operations Dashboard: This new dashboard provides insight into day-to-day reporting to make it easier to take daily recruiting actions like outreach, interview scheduling, and extending/updating offers. Recruiters (including Team Member roles) will be able to answer questions like How many new opportunities do I have in the pipeline, how many days have my postings been open, and more! Learn more here!

Visual Insights: Talent Acquisition Benchmarks: This new dashboard provides you with insight into the efficacy of your recruitment initiatives relative to industry standards. The Talent Acquisition Benchmarks dashboard is useful for identifying areas for improvement and achievements to maintain in your talent acquisition efforts, related to measurements such as time to hire and feedback completion speed. Learn more here!

Guided Walkthroughs: With the newly redesigned experience coming to Visual Insights, we’ll be adding guided walkthroughs for users to become more familiar with the updated navigation. Guided walkthroughs can be accessed via a blue button labeled "Walk Me Through". 

Microsoft Teams video conferencing: Office 365 customers can save time scheduling interviews by using Teams video conferencing in their Easy Book links and interview panels. Users no longer need to manually associate an interview in Lever to a meeting they set up separately in Teams. Learn more here!

New and updated integrations from: Alooba, Cangrade, Checkmate, CiiVSOFT, CodinGame, Contactout, Devskiller, Dover, DreamTeam, FusionRL, Hollo, Joonko, MoBerries, PDA International, Puck (CareerPuck Inc), Refty, ScreenLoop Ltd, Talenthub,, TalentWall, Veremark, Codility, HireRight, and BambooHR.

Release updates

The Indeed Integration will not be available as part of Winter Release. We are working with Indeed on a timeline to be able to enable the integration as quickly as we can. This is to ensure that customers’ jobs are being added to Indeed in a timely and accurate manner. We’ll share more updates once they become available.


Calendar latency has been improved in order to provide a quick and seamless experience when booking interview panels for potential candidates. Lever will now temporarily store some calendar data for 24 hours. Users can manually refresh this data in their Account Settings.

All Visual Insights tool tips and some chart titles have been updated with enhanced details explaining the effects of filters and calculations. For a full breakdown of the updates, refer to our Visual Insights: Chart and title description help article.

Offers: If an offer has been “sent outside of Lever,” it is now possible to mark it as “signed” without uploading a signed offer document.

GDPR setting now includes the option “Do not store a hashed value of the anonymized candidate’s email address.” This setting will allow your company to choose to skip the generation of a hashed string from a candidate’s deleted email address when the anonymize action is performed on an opportunity in Lever. This will lead to a complete and permanent deletion of a candidate’s email address, including hashed data. 

Added new request scopes for the O365 integration so that Lever users are able to attach files greater than 3MB to emails and utilize updated endpoints provided by Microsoft.

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