Automation workflows: Using auto-text tokens in emails

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Before proceeding, make sure that you have read our automation workflows help article.

If you are using automation workflows to send emails to users in your LeverTRM environment, you can include auto-text tokens in the subject and body of your automated email to pull in specific pieces of information.

What are auto-text tokens?

Auto-text tokens are fields of variable text that will change based on the associated object(s) such as users, candidates, and postings. In Lever, auto-text tokens are denoted with double braces on either side of the token name. For example, the auto-text token for a candidate's first name is{{candidate first name}}. When viewing an email containing this token, the recipient would see the first name of the candidate associated with the triggered workflow in the location that this token was placed.


Email editor that contains auto-text tokens.


Email containing auto-text tokens from the perspective of the recipient.

Embedding auto-text tokens in automated emails

To embed an auto-text token in an email associated with the Send email action of an automation workflow, click anywhere on the subject or body text fields and select the token from the menu that appears. Note that the auto-text token options in the menu are collapsed by default and can be revealed by clicking the ˅ icon next to each token category.

Email editor within automation workflow editor with auto-text token menu extending from body text field.


There are a limited set of auto-text tokens available in Lever. If you are attempting to use an auto-text token in an email outside of an automated workflow, click the〈·〉Insert button in the email editor to view the list of available tokens.

The auto-tokens available to include in emails associated with the Send email action of an automation workflow are as follows:

  • Candidate information
    • First name
    • Full name
    • Phone number
    • First source
  • Opportunity owner information
    • Full name
    • First name
    • Email
  • Job Posting information
    • Hiring manager 
      • Full name
      • First name
      • Email
    • Owner information
      • Full name
      • First name
      • Email
  • Company name
  • Workflow creator information
    • First name
    • Last name
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