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Talenthub.io provides a platform which lets you gather candidate feedback throughout the recruitment process and help you extract insights with which to build exceptional candidate experiences.

Lever’s integration with Talenthub allows you to automatically gather feedback from your candidates as they proceed through your recruitment process. 

First off

Go ahead and reach out to your Talenthub Candidate Experience Representative and let them know you’re interested in integrating.

They’ll help figure out how to get the most out of the integration for your particular use-case and configure your account accordingly.

Setup the integration

Once the account is set up you’ll need to authorize Talenthub to access the data needed to activate this integration.

1. In the Talenthub platform navigate to your Organization Settings

2. Select the Integrations-tab and activate the switch which says Lever

Lever with green toggle on

3. In the Credentials-section, click the button which says “Connect with Lever”

Oauth authentication with connect with Lever button

4. You will be displayed a list of access Talenthub requires.
We use these permissions in order to get notified of when a survey email should be triggered and allow you to enrich the email contents and survey responses with additional data.
Click Accept to finish the authorization process

Talenthub and Lever authorization modal with list of permissions and accept button

That's it! Your Lever account and Talenthub.io account can now talk to each other. 

Please reach out to your Talenthub.io Candidate Experience Representative with the good news so they can activate the integration and start sending out surveys.

Get started improving your candidate experience!

You can now proceed with your normal recruitment workflow and the Talenthub platform will automatically send out relevant surveys to your candidates as they proceed through that workflow. 

Your Talenthub Candidate Experience Representative will have ensured that the integration is set up to survey the recruitment stages which matter most to you.

Depending on your needs this could simply be following the usual stages of application, interview, hire and rejection but could also include setups like onboarding surveys, hiring manager surveys, rejection-reason or department-specific surveys.
Talenthub also offers a widget which can be used to collect input from your career page!

There’s a multitude of survey templates available to ensure that you can collect relevant information for many different topics to help you get started.

Once Talenthub has collected some replies you can log into your account and analyze your strengths and areas for improvement.

Talenthub dashboard

Talenthub also supports the use of custom variables to help enrich your survey responses with data from your Lever account. This allows you to make use of Lever data to filter, group and segment data within the Talenthub analytics platform.

Please speak to your Candidate Experience Representative to have them help work out the right setup for you!

Need help?

Click the links below to get more information about how you can use Talenthub to bring your candidate experience to new levels!

If you are in need of any troubleshooting assistance regarding the integration please contact your Talenthub Candidate Experience Representative.

How to disable the integration:

1. Navigate to your Integrations & API Settings Page in Lever

2. Under the Authorized Apps tab locate the Talenthub app

3. Click Revoke Access to disable the integration

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