Adding a custom field or condition to an offer approval workflow

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This article includes descriptions and images of updates to Offer Approval functionality that will be included in our Winter 2021 release, scheduled for progressive rollout starting mid-January 2022. For information on the Winter 2021 release, keep an eye on our Release Notes.

Lever’s offer approvals feature allows your team to approve offers in record time and empowers you to create customizable workflows to ensure that each stakeholder, from finance and HR to the hiring manager, is on board with the offer you have generated.

Incorporating a custom field into your approval chain makes it possible to initiate an approval workflow based off of values in your offer form, so that workflows can triggered by more than just the department/team, location, and work type. Readers of this article will learn how to add a custom field to an offer approval workflow.

Adding custom fields to an offer approval workflow


Before proceeding, note that custom fields can only be added to custom offer approval workflows. To understand the distinction between default and custom offer approvals, check out our help article on building offer approval workflows.
  • Click the Create Approval button and select Custom from the menu that appears.

Close-up of Create Approval button with menu containing Default and Customs options. Default option is greyed out.

  • Click the + Custom Field button in the Details block.

Custom offer approval editor with + Custom field button circled.

  • Select the offer form field that you wish to include as a custom field in the approval workflow. Note that only offer form fields of the 'dropdown' type can be used (other field types such as 'text input' or 'currency' are not supported).

Custom field drop down menu with options from the offer form in the offer approval editor


Only one custom field can be used to trigger an offer approval workflow.

  • Once you have selected a custom field from the dropdown, select the values for that field that will trigger the approval workflow.
    • When selecting a value for the custom field, click the Edit offer fields button to be brought to your offer form editor where you can add and remove fields as needed.

Custom field in custom offer approval editor with dropdown menu extende from value field.

  • Here is an example of a custom offer approval based on the work type ('Full-time' and 'Part-time') and the Compensation currency field on the offer. If the offer is for a posting with a Full-time work type and compensation paid in USD currency, this custom offer approval will be triggered.

Offer approval editor with Work type set to full time and part time, and the custom field set to compensation currency. Dropdown menu extendes from the value field with currency types available for selection.

If you change from one custom field to another, any selected values for the previous custom field will be cleared. The custom field can be removed from the approval workflow by clicking the trash can icon.

Same image as previous with trash can icon circled next to custom field.

Adding conditions to approval chains

When building an offer approval chain, you can add conditions that dictate whether an approval step will be included when an offer is being approved. To add a condition to an offer approval chain:

  • In the approval editor, click + Add condition beneath the approver fields.
  • In the 'Require step if:' field, select from the following options:
    • Requisition field: Outside of compensation band - if the compensation in the offer is outside of the compensation band on the associated requisition, the offer will be subject to that step of the approval chain.
    • Offer fields - select from custom fields on your offer forms that have a field type of 'currency,' 'dropdown' or 'number.'
      • If the selected offer field is a 'number' or 'currency' field type, choose from the following: conditions: is, is between, is empty, is greater or equal to, is greater than, is less or equal to
      • If the selected offer field 'dropdown', choose from the following conditions: is, is empty, is not, is not empty

Conditions menu in approval editor.

Example of an offer field conditional.

  • If you are adding more than one condition to a step in an offer approval, you must select a logical operator (AND or OR) that combines the conditions. You can include a maximum of five conditions on a single offer approval step.
    • Choose AND if the approval step is triggered when all conditions are true.
    • Choose OR if the approval step is triggered when one of the conditions are true.

AND/OR operator menu between conditions in approval editor.

Example of an operator being selected to combine multiple conditions.

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