How do I enable and use the Alooba integration?

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Alooba is an analytics & data science skills assessment platform that empowers your talent team to deliver high quality candidates quickly and fairly. Validate your candidate’s skills before interviews with assessments customized to fit your role.

Alooba’s integration with Lever allows you to automate Alooba assessment invitations to job applicants.


Setup the Integration

Step 1: Enable Webhooks within Lever

While logged into Lever with a Super Admin user, go to the Webhook settings configuration page and ensure the Application Created and Candidate Stage Change webhooks are toggled on. This will ensure Alooba will be able to receive messages from Lever when a candidate applies for your jobs.


Step 2: Enable the Lever integration from Alooba

Log into your Alooba account from an Owner or Admin user and go to the Organisation Settings page. Locate “Lever” within the list of ATS Integrations and click on the “Enable” button.

mceclip1.pngThis will trigger the Lever Authorize App workflow:


Alooba requires these permissions in order to receive information about new applicants in Lever and post the assessment results back to the candidate profiles as Feedback within Lever.

Click the “Accept” button.

Once Lever has been enabled, you should be able to see that it’s “Connected” in the Alooba Settings page.


How to link a Lever job with an Alooba assessment

Once the Alooba/Lever integration is enabled for your organization, you will need to define which Alooba assessment candidates should be invited to for which Lever jobs.

This can be done by adding a Tag to a new or existing job on Lever. The tag must be exactly: “Alooba Assessment - ” followed by the exact assessment name within Alooba. For example if the assessment name in Alooba is “Data Analyst Assessment” the Lever job should have the tag “Alooba Assessment - Data Analyst Assessment”.


And that’s all there is to it. Now every time a candidate applies to your job they will immediately receive an email invitation with a link for them to take the Alooba assessment.



How to monitor Alooba assessment statuses

When a candidate is added to an Alooba assessment, a Link will be included on the candidate profile within Lever which will link directly to the candidate’s profile within Alooba.


Management of the candidate’s assessment will need to be done within Alooba, where you will be able to manage extensions, grant additional time, etc. However, you will also be able to see which candidates have completed or are yet to start the Alooba assessment within Lever through tags.

Candidates that have been invited but haven’t started the assessment will have a tag of “Alooba - Invited”. Once the candidate starts the assessment they will have a tag of “Alooba - In Progress” and when they’ve completed it, they will have a tag of “Alooba - Completed”.

All candidates will also inherit the “Alooba Assessment” tag from the job they applied to, making it easy to filter candidates by the tags in Lever.


How to access the Alooba assessment results

Once a candidate’s assessment results are available they will be shown on the candidate profile within Lever as Feedback.

The results will be available as soon as the candidate completes the assessment. If the assessment requires any manual evaluation, the initial partial score will be shown in Lever, then once the rest of the assessment has been evaluated within Alooba on the candidate’s Alooba profile a new feedback will be posted to Lever with their final score.

The Alooba candidate profile will include a detailed breakdown of the candidate’s assessment results. The Lever feedback will only show their overall assessment score. Lever also provides a simple 1-4 rating scale for feedback. The Alooba assessment score will dictate what feedback rating the candidate will receive. The rating is based on the assessment passing score defined within Alooba. If a candidate scores below the assessment’s passing score they will receive a rating of 1 or 2. If they score above the assessment’s passing score they will receive a rating of 3 or 4 depending on how much they got above the passing score.


Additional considerations

The integration is relatively straightforward, however there are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Alooba is best used at the start of the hiring process, to provide skills assessment prior to other screening processes that may introduce bias. This is why the assessment invitations are sent out as soon as the candidate applies to the job, rather than at a specific stage within the hiring pipeline / interview plan.
  2. The Lever tag must match the Alooba assessment name exactly including capitalization. If the specified assessment doesn’t exist within Alooba, the Alooba account owner will receive an email for each candidate that is added warning them that they weren’t invited to any assessment.
  3. Alooba allows multiple assessments to have the same name. If there’s more than one matching assessment, the candidate will be assigned to the matching Alooba assessment most recently created.
  4. It’s possible to add two Alooba assessment tags to the same job, which would cause the candidate to be invited to take both assessments, however this is not recommended as it will likely confuse your candidates.
  5. The assessment “passing score” used when determining the Lever rating is based on the defined passing score value at the time the candidate was added.
  6. The Alooba feedback is shown as being provided by the Lever user that authorized the Alooba integration.
  7. Ensure you don’t disable the webhooks within Lever otherwise the integration will stop working.
  8. Ensure you don’t edit or remove the Alooba Assessment feedback template otherwise the feedback will no longer be shown.

Who to contact for help with the integration

Please Contact Alooba for troubleshooting assistance regarding the integration. 


How to disable the integration:

  1. Navigate to your Integrations & API Settings Page in Lever
  2. Under the Authorized Apps tab locate the Alooba app
  3. Click Revoke Access to disable the integration
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