How do I enable and use the Veremark integration?

Available for User roles Super Admins, Admins, Team Members
Packages Select Lever packages

The Veremark integration allows you to send Veremark background checks directly from within your Lever account. 

Setup the integration:

Navigate to your Veremark admin settings, select 'Integration' and select the Lever tile. 


You'll be prompted to login using your Lever credentials and agree to a set of permissions. 

The integration will ask to manage opportunities, feedback forms, profile forms, notes, webhooks, and users. Once accepted, the integration is ready to be used.

How to use the integration:

The integration is triggered via a tagging mechanism -- your Veremark representation will supply you with a list of appropriate tags that correlate to your Veremark checks in the syntax of:

"Veremark: Package/Check Type [Status]", example below:


Simply adding this tag to a candidate's opportunity will allow the integration to trigger and process accordingly. In each of these cases, an email notification will get sent to the candidate's email address from their Lever opportunity by way of Veremark with a link to complete the process in Veremark. Once completed, Veremark will update the Lever opportunity with relevant info. 

You'll also see the tags change accordingly:


How to disable the integration:

1. Navigate to your Integrations & API Settings Page in Lever

2. Under the Authorized Apps tab locate the Veremark app

3. Click Revoke Access to disable the integration

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