How do I revise an offer?

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Lever’s offer process supports the editing of certain offer details after it has already been approved and sent. This enables your team to act quickly when new circumstances arise, maintain past versions of offers, and streamline the offer process when offer details change.

How do I get started?

Before you can begin creating offer revisions, a Super Admin on your team should customize the offer form through the offer settings page. They can make certain offer form details editable without re-approval. You can learn how to do this here.

If you're new to Lever and are unsure of how to create an offer, please click here to learn how to get started with offers.

How do I revise an offer?

Once you have an offer that needs to be modified, you can revise it by clicking 'See Offer Details' on the candidate's profile:


That will open up the active offer details. Click 'Modify Offer'


You will be taken to the offer form details, where you can make your modifications. Please note that if you hover over certain fields, you will see the message "Changes require reapproval." This was configured in your Settings > Offer form page. 

In this screenshot, changes to offered compensation amount requires reapproval.


Let's change the offered compensation amount. Now, the revised offer must now be approved before moving to the next step:


When the revision has been initiated, a new profile story will show what was revised. In this example, you will see that the offered compensation amount is now $150,000/year, it was previously $145,000/year, and it required re-approval. Lever will also make a note of any fields that were revised, even if it did not require re-approval.


Once the revision is approved, an 'Offer. revision approved' profile story will appear along with the timestamp of approval and approval chain members.



What else can I do with offer revisions?

Users will also have the options to discard a revision or save without sending, which will save the offer for internal records without sending an updated copy to the candidate.


They will each have separate profile stories for your records:



Want to remind the candidate about the offer? Or did your candidate not receive the initial offer email? No problem! There is an option to resend the offer email


Please note that resending the offer will void the previous offer letter. 

See your current and past offer letters in one place!


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