How do I set up Data Warehouse Sync?

Available for User roles Super Admins
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You may not see these features in your account until October 22, 2021. We appreciate your patience as we roll out the Fall 2021 Release!

Data Warehouse Sync (DWS) enables you to download a complete copy of your raw Lever data. This allows you to analyze and report on your data using a business intelligence tool, a self-hosted data warehouse, or other reporting infrastructure. It is a powerful and robust option to access all of your data and use it in the way that works best for you. With DWS, you can report on and visualize your data, empowering your teams to hire the right people efficiently.

How do I set up Data Warehouse Sync (DWS) in Lever?

To setup DWS, a Lever Super Admin can navigate to Settings > Integrations and API and click on the 'Data Warehouse Sync' tab. 


In the Warehouse sync settings, select a time to sync your data warehouse, click Set New Time, then Finish!


We will provide your AWS Access Key and Secret Access Key once. Please copy these codes and store them somewhere safe! You will not see these again and will need to generate new keys if you lose them.


Once set up, your Data Warehouse Sync tab will look like this:


Click on the drop down icon to see your company's Workgroup details and Warehouse sync settings:


Now you have direct access to your Lever data! Once you have extracted the data, you can store, manipulate, and report on that data in whatever way works best for you. To get an idea of the extent of the information that is available via DWS, please check out our schema documentation



Who can generate the access keys? Only a Lever Super Admin will have access to generate DWS Keys. Once generated, please make note of the keys and provide it to your company's dedicated team (ex: Data Analyst) that can extract SQL-ready data and store it in a safe place

Can I view the access keys after they are generated? No, they are only viewable once (after initial provisioning) and stored encrypted: all but the four last characters will be hidden, to allow the user to confirm that what they have recorded matches what we have generated

What if I lose track of the access keys? There is an option to generate a new key

How often can my organization update the refresh time? Once every 24 hours

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