How do I use the Visual Insights Preview EEO Dashboards?

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You may not see these features in your account until October 22, 2021. We appreciate your patience as we roll out the Fall 2021 Release!

Many of our clients are working hard to upgrade their hiring strategies to create a more diverse and inclusive work environment. Our EEO features allow you to gain a complete picture of your candidate demographics. You can both display EEO questions on your job postings and survey candidates who don't apply through your Lever-hosted job site. Learn how to enable EEO questions here.

Lever's EEO (Equal Employment Opportunity) dashboards will help you understand your company's candidate demographics for your current pipeline, hires, and archive.

Navigate to the Visual Insights Preview EEO Dashboards here or by clicking Reports > Preview Visual Isights > then, click 'EEO' in the left side column.

What do the Dashboard Specific Filters Do?


  • Date range selected shows the opportunities created within that range
  • Count or percent selector
  • EEO question will allow you to choose which category to display on the dashboard. You have the option to display data by Disability status, Gender, Race, and Veteran status. However, data will only be available if you have set up your EEO question in Lever Hire to capture this information and if there are a minimum of 3 responses per question.
  • EEO responses for counts
  • Submitted EEO response? is defaulted to 'Yes' to display opportunities with a response
  • Department
  • Department team
  • Job location
  • Posting
  • Recruiter name
  • Over time interval is available on the 'Opportunities and Hires' and 'Race' dashboards

What are the different types of EEO Dashboards?


There are six (6) pre-built dashboards:

  • Current pipeline: overview of the current candidate pipeline grouped by a particular EEO question. What does diversity look like in your current pipeline?
  • Opportunities and hires:  What is the diversity comparing opportunities to hires?
  • Origin of opportunities and hires: What is the diversity comparing origin of opportunities to hires?
  • Stage archived: shows where particular EEO groups were archived.  At what stage are opportunities being archived?
  • Archive reason: shows why particular EEO groups were archived. What archive reasons are being used for opportunities?
  • Race: What does diversity look like for race?


Are drill downs available? No drill downs; the data will be anonymous

Will my Diversity Survey responses be available in the EEO Dashboards? No, the data powering the dashboards are from the EEO Survey responses. There will need to be a minimum response of three (3) per EEO group (gender, race, veteran status, disability status)

How do I export the EEO responses? Super Admins on your team can export the results from your EEO/OFCCP survey here.


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