Which job boards work with Lever's XML feed?



All Lever accounts have access to an XML feed of your published job data. Certain job boards have the ability to ingest this XML feed so your job posting data can programmatically post to their platform. This will help mitigate the need to manually post jobs to that job board. 

This article will detail Lever's XML feed itself and list each of the approved partners that can ingest our XML format in a seamless manner. Reference this article on how to find the feed within your Lever account.

The syntax of the feed will always be: https://api.lever.co/v0/postings/{{accountname}}?mode=xml

As an example, if my company was named Lever, then my feed URL would be: https://api.lever.co/v0/postings/lever?mode=xml


Approved job board platforms that can ingest Lever's XML feed:

In order to post your Lever XML feed to the job boards above, follow the direct link in the list or reach out to your job board contact with the ingestion request. In order to stop a job platform from continuing to ingest your job postings, you'll need to reach out to their team discontinue the ingestion. 

If you're a job board platform who accepts Lever's XML feed, let us know and we can add you to our list. If you're a customer looking to request a specific job platform, submit a Support ticket and we'll ensure the request is captured.  


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