Enabling and using the KodiakHR integration

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KodiakHR’s automated referencing solution helps talent acquisition teams save time, improve
the quality of reference feedback, and turn references into a source of high-quality passive talent.
Lever’s integration with KodiakHR allows you to run KodiakHR reference checks automatically
from inside your Lever account.

In this article, we will cover how to:

  • Enable the Lever / KodiakHR integration
  • Send a KodiakHR Reference Check
  • Review a KodiakHR Reference Check

Setup the integration:

Note: Access role must be Super Admin in order to set up the integration.

1. To start, log in to the KodiakHR app and navigate to Settings >> Integrations.
2. Next, in the row titled Lever integration, click Connect.

Lever integration with connec button

3. A new window will open asking you to authorize KodiakHR to have access to your Lever account. Click Accept.

This new window will close and your Kodiak app will refresh. Before closing out of the Kodiak app, you will need to set your preferences for the integration.

KodiakHR showing Lever integration with default survey and lever stage fields

4. First click the drop-down labeled Default survey and select the reference check template you would like to use.

Note: You will be able to pick different surveys from inside your Lever app, so here we are just setting the backup in case one of your users doesn’t specify a survey to use when they create a candidate in Lever.

5. Next, click the drop-down labeled Lever stage and select the stage that you would like to initiate a reference check in Kodiak. This means that when a candidate is moved to the stage you specify here, KodiakHR will automatically initiate a reference check on that candidate.

KodiakHR showing Lever integration with filled fields

Note: If you don't already have an appropriate stage to set as the Lever trigger stage, reach out to Lever Support and we'll be able to help you add it.

Once you have selected a default survey and a Lever stage you can close the KodiakHR app

How to use the integration:

Send a KodiakHR Reference Check

Now that the integration is enabled, we can begin using it right away. To initiate a KodiakHR reference check on a candidate, there are a few simple steps:

Step 1: Create the candidate and ensure you have an email and / or mobile phone number added to their contact information.

Tip: if you want to send text messages with KodiakHR, make sure the candidate’s phone number is tagged as a “mobile” number in Lever.

Lever candidate profile with email and contact infor outlined

Step 2: Assign the candidate to the appropriate job

Lever candidate profile with choose job dropdown menu and job posting outlined

Step 3: If you want to use the default reference check template you set up in KodiakHR, you can skip this step and move on to Step 4. But if you would like to send a specific KodiakHR reference check template instead of using the default one you set up in KodiakHR, click Add tag.

Lever candidate profile with add tag outlined

Then type “KodiakHR - [survey title]” (example for the “Balanced” survey below).

Lever KodiakHR tag

Press the Enter key and your tag should be applied to the candidate.

Lever candidate profile with kodiakHR balanced tag outlined

Step 4: Update the candidate’s stage to the one you set up KodiakHR, and you’re done! KodiakHR will now initiate a reference check on your candidate.

Lever candidate profile with reference check stage outlined

Review a KodiakHR Reference Check

Once the reference check has been initiated, you will see a tag on the candidate’s profile showing the current status of the reference check.

Lever candidate profile with kodiakHR status waiting for candidate tag outlined

When the reference check has been completed, the tag will be updated and you will see a new file attached to the candidate’s profile. Simply click on the attachment and the candidate’s reference check report will be opened.

Lever candidate profile with file link outlined

If you need help, use the “Help” bubble in the bottom right of your screen inside the KodiakHR app, or email support@kodiakhr.com.

How to disable the integration:

1. Navigate to your Integrations & API Settings Page in Lever

2. Under the Authorized Apps tab locate the KodiakHR app

3. Click Revoke Access to disable the integration

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