How do I enable and use Cookies?

Available for User roles Super Admins and Admins
Packages All Lever packages

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You may not see these features in your account until October 22, 2021. We appreciate your patience as we roll out the Fall 2021 Release!

Cookie acceptance banners are pop-up notifications that appear on the first visit to a web page.  Cookie settings determine how much control visitors to your job site have over cookies placed on their device. 


To set up your company's Cookie Acceptance Banner, start by navigating to the Company Settings page:


Click on the "Compliance" tab and enable the Job site cookie banner to being the process.


Next, select which cookie banner type you wish to display:

Informational: This type of banner will disclose to a job site visitor that the website will deploy cookies, giving them an option to dismiss:


Opt-in: This type of banner will ask a job site visitor to allow or deny the use of non-essential cookies before the cookies are deployed, giving them an option to deny or accept:


Add a link to your company's cookie policy. This is optional, however, it is best practice to provide a URL for your company’s cookie policy so that site visitors are supplied with accurate and specific information about the data being tracked.


Valid URL format:

Additionally, you can navigate to the Cookie Acceptance Banner configuration from your Job site settings:


Now you're all set! Click the following links to find more information on how Lever is supporting our customers’ GDPR compliance efforts and how to configure GDPR in Lever.


Does my company need to set up a Cookie Acceptance Banner? This article describes how to configure Cookie Acceptance Banner settings in Lever to support your company’s compliance needs. For help determining which configuration settings are best for your business, it is best to consult legal counsel.

Who can configure Cookie Acceptance Banners? Super Admin and Admin users

Will the Cookie Acceptance Banner work on mobile? Yes



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