Visual Insights Preview: Drill downs

Available for User roles Super Admins and Admins
Packages All Lever packages

When clicking on a data point in a graph or chart, you will have the opportunity to view the data that powers the metrics on the Visual Insights Dashboards, allowing you to take action from the charts!

The drill downs are meant to answer the question “Which records is this number referring to?” For example, if you see the metric “65 active postings," the drill down answers the question “what are those 65 postings?” It is also meant to provide an easy way for you to navigate directly to specific areas of Lever such as opportunities or postings.

  • Drill downs will contain simple tables that reflect the data powering the clickable aspect of a chart

  • Drill downs will link to profiles, postings, and requisitions

Finding the drill downs

You can find drill downs by navigating to any of the Visual Insights dashboards. Any number or graph that highlights when you hover over it is an available drill down:

In this example, let's hover over the 'Internal Postings' metric:Screen_Shot_2021-06-16_at_5.13.47_PM.png

After clicking the number "158," the drill down will appear as a simple table that reflects the data powering the metric. You can then click a posting to view the details on a separate tab. Screen_Shot_2021-06-16_at_5.17.33_PM.png

The drill downs are limited to 500 records. If your metric contains more than that, you will see the below warning message and will want to download the data to view all record counts.




Can I download the drill down data set?
Yes, all of the drill downs have the ability to download the data behind the metrics. Need more info? Check out our exports feature in the left-hand menu.

How do I download all the records for the drill down data set? (Why am I only seeing 500 rows in my drill down data set downloaded export?)
If the row limit is reached or you just want to download a drill down data set, you can easily do so by clicking the ‘Download’ button at the top right-hand corner of the drill down pop-up. A download pop-up will display and you can select from various formats. Click on Advanced data options, select All results under the Number of rows to include, and then click the blue Download button in the bottom right-hand corner of the download pop-up. Depending on the number of records being processed, it may take a few moments for the data set to download.


What does ‘Anonymized’ mean on the drill downs?
When reviewing the drill down that is associated with opportunities you may sometimes see the word ‘Anonymized’ associated with an opportunity’s contact name. This means that the opportunity has been requested to have their personal information deleted or is related to GDPR compliance. Though the information is deleted for the opportunity we still considered the opportunity in the metric.

The number on the metric doesn't match the number of records in the drill down, why is that?
Some metrics count the number of events that occur for records. This means that the record only shows once but can be counted for an event multiple times. Such as a requisition being opened and closed multiple times. You will only see the one requisition record but the requisition could have multiple opened and closed events that occurred within the date range.

Some metrics are time averages within a date range, these averages are measured in days or hours. The information on the drill down is related to all the records being averaged for the metric.

Can I resize the columns in the drill down table?
Yes, the drill downs are Dynamic and adjustable. You can change the width of a column, move columns around and freeze columns. There are also other column options available by clicking the three vertical dots next to each column.


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