How do I send a Visual Insights Preview dashboard?

Available for User roles Super Admins and Admins
Packages All Lever packages

Please Note

You may not see these features in your account until July 29, 2021. We appreciate your patience as we roll out the Summer 2021 Release!

Have you built a report and want to share it with your team for added visibility? You can send your reports!

When viewing a Visual Insights Preview dashboard, users can send it to teammates directly from the dashboard. Add a few filters, click Run, click the Share Report button and send!

Add the delivery details:


  • Recipients: select your colleagues that need to view the information, including Interviewers, Limited Team Members, and Team Members
  • Message: optional message to your teammates
  • Format: you can choose between sending the report as a PDF document , PNG attachment, or JPG image.

This feature is a huge timesaver as you build customized reports that you may want to share! Jump into Visual Insights Preview today to give the send feature a try!

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