What is Lever's Webhooks Subscription API?

Available for User roles Super Admins
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What is Webhook Subscription API?

A programmatic way of Creating, Updating, Deleting, and Listing Webhooks Subscriptions at Lever, instead of a Super Admin having to manually Copy/Paste Webhook Tokens.

If the Webhooks Subscription API is enabled for a partner integration, Super Admins do not need to manually configure Webhooks to enable the integration. The combination of using OAuth and Webhooks Subscription API makes the integration enablement a simple 2-click step. (For more information, please see the Authentication section of Lever's API documentation here.)


Instead of using APIs for polling and checking if any changes were made, a Webhook is a subscription (like following a channel or conversation means you can get notifications about other comments, other content, etc.) that notifies you when the condition is triggered.

UI Changes

Before: A single Webhook signature token to all Webhooks


After: A Webhook signature token for each created Webhook


The below endpoints are now included with the Subscription API:

  • List Webhooks
  • Create Webhook
  • Update Webhook
  • Delete Webhook

You can see the new endpoint in your API documentation.

Note that the following restrictions apply:

Only webhooks created via the API can be updated using this API. This means that webhooks created by a Lever user will not be able to be modified by an API key or OAuth application.

Webhooks created via the API can only be updated using this API. This means a Lever user will be unable to make modifications on your behalf once it has been created with an API key or OAuth application.

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