How do I enable and use the Interseller integration?

Available for User roles Super Admins, Admins, Team Members
Packages Select Lever packages

The Interseller integration enables the automatic syncing of candidates in Lever that you source with Interseller. Interseller will also update opportunities in Lever for you automatically as candidates respond back.

Setup the integration:

Note: Access role must be Super Admin in order to set up the integration.

Step 1: Connecting the Integration

  1. In the Interseller platform, navigate to the Integrations page under settings, that page can be found here:

  2. Select the Lever integration from the list
  3. Login to Lever and click accept to grant Interseller access
  4. The integration is now connected!

Step 2: Integration preferences 

     1. You will be redirected to the preferences form. If no integration preferences are displayed, check with Interseller support.


How to use the integration:

As you add contacts/candidates to Interseller, Interseller will automatically sync the candidate’s information into Lever as a candidate. Here is an example of how Interseller syncs candidates.


Choosing when to sync

On the integrations page in Interseller (, you can choose when Interseller decides to sync candidates. By default, we will sync all candidates anytime they’ve been added to Interseller. You can switch the setting to “sync contacts only when they reply back” or turn it off completely.

Sync to a posting

If you choose to sync to a posting, Interseller will create the necessary Opportunity in Lever. If you do not, they will be synced as a “General opportunity” in Lever.

You can change that setting globally via or at a per-sequence level.


Stage syncing

By default, Interseller will sync opportunities to the proper stages when:

  1. The candidate is first initially messaged through Interseller (Reached Out)

  2. The candidate responds back (Responded)


How to disable the integration:

  1. Navigate to your Integrations & API Settings Page

  2. Under the Authorized Apps tab locate the Interseller app

  3. Click Revoke Access to disable the integration

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