Spring 2021 Release


New and highly-anticipated features

Visual Insights Preview Bookmarks: Within Lever’s powerful new in-app reporting, you’ll be able to save and store dashboard filter configurations that are important to you and your organization with bookmarks. More information coming soon!

Visual Insights Preview Exports: Download even more exports from Visual Insights as CSV files. The Super Admin on the account will now be able to download non-anonymized EEO exports. More information coming soon! New reports include:

  • Feedback forms
  • Feedback forms responses
  • Forms
  • Forms responses
  • Interview calibration
  • Interview calibration responses
  • Referrals (social, employee, manual)
  • Candidate Experience Survey
  • Diversity Survey
  • Diversity Survey progress
  • Diversity Survey questions
  • Self-serve EEO (only available to Super Admins)

Fast Resume Review Enhancements: We’ve updated the feature to pull in more candidate information, provide better visibility to your team, as well scale communications with screened applicants. Updates include:

  • Custom application questions: Pull the answers to your custom application questions directly into your Fast Resume Review screen and avoid the need to switch between windows when reviewing a candidate.

  • Pipeline stage selection: After reviewing a candidate, choose which pipeline stage to advance them to.

  • LinkedIn Applications: When an applicant applies via LinkedIn, the candidate’s resume will be defaulted to their non-LinkedIn resume, when available

  • Review dispositioned applicants: Once a Fast Resume Review session has ended, access a top-down view of dispositioned applicants by type (archived, advanced, skipped).

  • Scale communications: Send bulk emails to screened applicants after a Fast Resume Review session.

  • Session timeout after inactivity: Each session will time-out after inactivity in order to protect any sensitive information and prevent abnormally long Fast Resume Review sessions.

  • Disable the Advance / Archive button when the candidate cannot be acted upon: In scenarios where a candidate cannot be acted on (pending offer is out), the advance and archive button will be disabled to prevent error.

Dynamic Requisition Approver: Within requisition approvals, you’ll now have the ability to define user picklist fields. These user picklist fields are filled out when creating a requisition.

New and enhanced integrations with Alva Labs, Bryq, CodeSubmit, Codility, Otta, Searchlight, and Starred.


Offer forms: When filling out an offer form, users can now begin typing to search for a specific entry in a long list of dropdown options. 

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