Visual Insights Preview: Bookmarks

Available for User roles Super Admins and Admins

All Lever packages

Built a report and want to save it for later? You can bookmark each of Lever’s reports!

When viewing a Visual Insights Preview dashboard, users can save bookmarks directly from the dashboard. Add a few filters, click Run, click the bookmark icon and give it a name!


Each of these reports are saved under the dashboard that they apply to. You can expand the bookmarks menu by clicking the caret icon. This new navigation will allow you to easily see all bookmarks and view other dashboards within one page.



Bookmarks can be renamed and deleted by clicking on the icons below.


These bookmarks are a huge timesaver as you build customized reports that you may want to revisit later, or re-run with an updated date range. You can even share customized reports with your colleagues by sending along the unique URL. Jump into Visual Insights Preview today to give bookmarks a try!

Watch a video of our team reviewing the Visual Insights Bookmarks:


Can I share my bookmarks with others?
These bookmarks are your personal bookmarks, so they will not be shareable. However, if you'd like to share a dashboard with specific filters, you can easily do so by copying the URL in your browser and sharing it with a user who has access to Visual Insights.

Will my existing reporting bookmarks be transferred over to Visual Insights?
Bookmarks from reporting will not be transferred over to Visual Insights.

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