Improvements 2021


The following is a list of feature improvements released in 2021 outside of Lever's major seasonal release windows.

Date Improvement Description
October 9 The Type of earnings field on Offers and Requisitions now includes options for daily, weekly, and biweekly payment internvals.
August 9 Added the ability to update Notes via Lever's API, allowing for flexibility among users that have used set up a custom UI.
May 18

Adds an array of 'linkedContactIds' to User endpoints (GET user, GET all users), to help identify all contacts associated with a User. This can be used to control User access to any Opportunities linked to a User.

May 6

API: Added the ability to list, create, update and delete webhooks subscription via the API.

March 27

API customers can now create nested Notes by creating comments for Notes

March 9

Offer form: When filling out an offer form, users can now begin typing to search for a specific entry in a long list of dropdown options.

March 4

Adds support for filtering Postings by the timestamp they were last updated. If only updated_at_start is specified, all postings updated from that timestamp (inclusive) to the present will be included. If only updated_at_end is specified, all postings updated before that timestamp (inclusive) are included. Both the updated_at_start and updated_at_end can be specified simultaneously, and results will be all postings updated within the provided timestamps (inclusive) will be returned.

February 25

Filter Users by External ID: Integrators can filter Lever Users by the External Directory ID to sync data between an HRIS instance and your Lever account without relying on that User's email address.

February 1

API: Added the ability to create, update and delete feedback via the API.


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