Visual Insights: Compliance dashboard

Available for User roles Super Admins and Admins
Packages Select Lever packages

The Compliance dashboard in Lever provides essential information on all data requests submitted by candidates via either GDPR ‘Consent link' or ‘Unsubscribe link’. This data is particularly helpful to answer questions such as:

  • Which candidate data requests are open and require action?
  • How long was a data request in Open status before being actioned?
  • Which data requests have been opened/closed within a given time period?



Click the Filters bar to expand the module and refine your search by available filter criteria.  When you've entered in all of your selection criteria, click the blue Run button and the report will update accordingly. Don't forget to bookmark the URL for filtered reports that you'll frequently need to run!


Data associated with Confidential Job Postings in Lever does NOT appear in Visual Insights Preview.



Compliance report: Displays all data requests opened within the date range.


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