Enabling and using the Datapeople integration

Available for User roles Super Admin, Admin, Team Member, Limited Team Member
Can only be configured by Super Admins
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Datapeople allows you to write inclusive job descriptions with augmented writing.

Lever’s integration with Datapeople allows you to edit Lever draft job posts using Datapeople's language guidance and allows you to sync those edits back to Lever with one-click.

Setup the integration

1. As a user with Super Admin level access, go to the Integrations and Settings page under Settings in Lever

2. Find the Datapeople logo and click the toggle.

Lever integrations and API page with arrow pointing to datapeople toggle on green

3. Click "Generate new key"The system will inform you which permissions the integration with Datapeople will authorize.

Data people section in Lever settings with list of permissions and generate new key button

4. Copy the newly generated API key from Lever and keep it on hand.

5. Login to Datapeople and navigate to your settings/integrations page. Under the connect to Lever banner submit your email and Lever API key. 

6. The Datapeople team will be in touch shortly regarding the next steps for integrated account training and schedule your onboarding to the integrated account.

How the integration works

Posting drafts in Lever become available in your Datapeople drafts folder.

Lever jobs drafts page showing list of draft job postings

Open the draft in Datapeople, and using the guidelines perfect your posting, and then sync the draft back to Lever.

Datapeople site with sync and sync job with Lever buttons outlined

Disable the integration

If at any time you need to disable the Datapeople integration within Lever, simply expand the accordion menu, and click "Revoke". Alternately, you can click the green toggle to off to disable the integration.

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