How Can I Access Candidate Diversity & Inclusion Data?

Available for User roles CSV Export: Super Admins. LTI: Users with assigned seats
Products CSV Export: Available on all Lever packages. LTI: add-on for Professional and Enterprise

Many of our clients are working hard to upgrade their hiring and retention strategies to create a more diverse and inclusive work environment. However, it can be difficult to assess the efficacy of these strategies without data, and overcome unconscious biases around hiring. Lever's EEO (Equal Employment Opportunity) dashboards will help you understand if and when particular EEO groups may be dropping off in the candidate pipeline.

You have the option to turn on anonymous EEO data collection when you first configure Lever. The Super Admin can do this by going into "Settings", then "Company", and scrolling down to the "Equal employment opportunity (EEO)" section.

EEO fields in outlined and labelled in company settings

The survey can collect data on gender, race, veteran status, and disabilities. You can configure the survey to collect all, or a subset of this data. Lever recommends you check with your Legal team first on the EEO reporting requirements in your region, before configuring this survey.

There are 2 ways to access the results of this survey.

1. Data export to csv

Go to the Visual Insights section in the Lever platform header and select 'EEO/OFCCP' under Exports. Note: only the Super Admin of the account will have privileges to do this export. This report will provide anonymized row-by-row data of candidate responses, as well as the title of the posting they applied to, the current stage of the application, and whether or not the application has been archived and why.

Some use cases for this data export can be looking at diversity in current stages of your pipeline and if this has improved over time, as well as which EEO groups most commonly apply to your company and to particular roles. 

Compliance export generator in Visual Insights

2. Lever Talent Intelligence (LTI) Dashboards

If you have purchased an implementation of LTI, you have the option to enable EEO dashboards.

There are 3 pre-built visualizations that come with your implementation.

  • Summary dashboard of responses: Overview of diversity in historical and current candidate pipeline, as well as if particular EEO groups are commonly archived at the same stage, or for the same reason.
  • Archive reason by department: Drill down on why particular EEO groups were archived, grouped by department.
  • Archive stage by department: Drill down on where particular EEO groups were archived, grouped by department.

Summary dashboard with demo data for illustrative purposes

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