How do I use Lever's integration with UltiPro Onboarding?

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The Lever to UltiPro Onboarding New Hire Sync Integration offers a solution to collect data directly from your Lever Hire business process flow and auto transfer that new hire data directly into your UltiPro Onboarding module.

Already set up with UltiPro Onboarding? Find out how UltiPro Onboarding fields get mapped in Lever.

How it works

The integration extracts data collected throughout the interview process, transforms it to meet UltiPro’s criteria for processing, then loads it as a new hire record into UltiPro Onboarding.


This article covers the available features of the integration.

Initiating New Hire Transfer

As part of the solution setup, your team can identify when a candidate is considered a “new hire”.  

The two options available are (1) when an opportunity moves to the “Hired” archive state or (2) when an opportunity reaches a stage that you specify in your interview pipeline.


When an opportunity record reaches that new hire state, information from the opportunity, requisition, profile form, and offer form, are collected and sent to UltiPro.

Required Fields

UltiPro requires specific values that need to be collected in order to create a new hire record:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Component Company Code
  • Job Code
  • Onboarding Owner Code

Name and Email will be collected from the Opportunity.

Note that as part of the UltiPro Integration setup, you will have the option to pass a default Component Company Code, Job Code, and Onboarding Owner Code. This is helpful if (1) your Lever Hire Instance does not have custom requisition fields and (2) if your instance does, but you would like to have a fallback in case the code is either missing or incorrect.

The rest of the fields are optional and will be passed if located.

Keep in mind that your new hire records in UltiPro Onboarding are completely manageable by your HR team and can be edited and deleted at any time, so while it is important to capture as many values as possible, the primary goal of the solution will be to pass the minimum required fields.

For a full list of fields that the solution attempts to extract, see the Field Mapping Section.

Viewing Results of the Transfer

Wondering if a new hire transaction between Lever and UltiPro was successful? The solution provides ways for your team to know whether that transfer was successful or failed.

Opportunity Note

If the new hire transaction between Lever and UltiPro was successful, a note will be applied to the opportunity profile containing information regarding the newly created UltiPro record.


If the new hire transaction fails, a note will also be added that will attempt to provide the potential cause of the problem.


Email Notification

The solution provides you with the ability to receive an email of a summary of new hire transactions that passed or failed. As part of the setup process, you would provide the email address(es) that would receive the summary. The email summary will be sent out on a daily basis at around 12am UTC.


It is highly recommended to use a group email alias for your team to avoid having to change it in the future as responsibilities shift in your company.

Retry New Hire Transfer

If by chance the integration fails, there might be an option for you to update the data, then retry.

For example, if a required field is missing or invalid, you can correct it, then pass again. If you need to expedite the process of transferring the new hire information, you could use this tag as well.

To retry the new hire transaction after making your edits, add the following tag to the opportunity profile:

UltiPro Onboarding - Retry


The solution is designed to check every 15 minutes if a tag has been applied to an existing record.

Once the record has been processed, the tag will be removed.

Keep in mind that this will only create a new record, it will not update one that already exists in UltiPro Onboarding.  While the solution is designed to prevent duplicates for a single candidate/contact, applying this tag would by-pass that prevention logic.

Setup Process

Would you like this activated in your environment?

Please reach out to Lever Customer Support to get information on next steps and we will provide you with a link to complete the Setup Form.

Note that filling out the Setup Form, we will require information from a Lever Super Admin and UltiPro Administrator to complete the enablement steps.

As a pre-requisite to completing the form, you will need to enter a support case to UltiPro to have Lever installed in your Onboarding Environment before you can proceed. Once UltiPro support notifies you that Lever has been installed in your environment, then proceed to completing the form.


What if I don’t have the custom fields feature for requisitions to be able to select for a component company code, job code, or onboarding owner ID?

You will need to identify default values for these in the Setup Form. For more details, see the “Required Fields” section of this article.

What if I want UltiPro custom fields defined on the Offer instead of the Requisition?

Mention that in the Setup Form. Lever Support can create fields on the offer form and do a one-time population of your dropdown list of possible values. Going forward, your team will need to manage the possible list values while maintaining the format. 

What if my team does not want to use the Profile Form Template “UltiPro Onboarding New Hire Form”? Can it be removed?

Yes. This profile form template is completely optional and your team can remove it at any time without breaking anything.

Why is currency Code not passed?

The currency type for the new hire will automatically be assigned based on your UltiPro default settings.

Why is the Supervisor not passed?

The solution does not store the UltiPro User ID in Lever, which is required to populate the Supervisor field. Lever and the UltiPro team determined there is currently not a feasible approach to passing this.

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