How do I enable and use the Sterling RISQ integration?

Available for User roles Super Admins, Admins
Packages Select Lever packages

In a seamless enhanced integration, recruiters can initiate background check case, receive status and results in Lever, without even having to visit the Sterling RISQ screening portal; the only exception being the detailed screening reports that are hosted by Sterling RISQ.




At a high level, the Lever-Sterling RISQ integration will initiate a Background Check order in Sterling when a candidate is moved to a particular stage in Lever. Upon stage change, Lever will send candidate details to Sterling and Sterling will send an email to the candidate to add additional information and complete the background check. The status of the screening will be captured in Lever as tags as the screening proceeds. Displaying the screening results as Lever tags is supported as well and configurable. Once the background check is completed, Lever will update the candidate profile with a Sterling-gated link to the background check report and can optionally move the candidate to another stage in Lever.


Enable the Sterling RISQ integration

Summary of steps

The following list summarizes the steps to set up integration users in Lever:

  1. Generate Lever API Key
  2. Generate a Webhook signing token
  3. Share Lever API Key and Webhook signing token in a secure manner with your Sterling Account Manager. 

Generate Lever API Key

1. Have a Super Admin navigate to the Integrations and API page in Lever settings.

2. Locate the Sterling RISQ integration in the Background and reference checks 
section, click on the integration toggle to expand the card, and click the "Generate new key" button.


3. Copy the API key and keep it somewhere safe. This is the one and only time that this API key will be accessible. If you lose the key, you can disable the integration toggle, and repeat steps 1 and step 2 to generate a new one. Please share the API key with Sterling team.


Generate a Webhook signing token

1. Webhook signature is located on the integration page in the settings menu on the webhooks tab.

2. Enable Candidate Stage Change then add Sterling webhook URL, scroll down click “Verify Connection”




3. Once connection is successful, Lever will generate Signature Token (see below screenshot). Please share Signature Token with Sterling team.




Using the Sterling RISQ integration

Summary of the integration workflow:

  1. Recruiter submits the Background Check case by providing the name, phone number, email ID, and background check package of the candidate.
  2. After fetching Background Check & Candidate information, Sterling RISQ creates the Background Check case. The status of the Background Check case in Lever is updated to “New”.
  3. The candidate receives an email containing a URL to the candidate portal. The candidate must visit the candidate portal and provide all the information necessary to process the Background Check case.
  4. Sterling RISQ posts the updated status to Lever. The Background Check case status in Lever changes to In Progress.
  5. Once the Background Check case is complete, Sterling RISQ posts back the updated status, score and report URL. The status is updated to “Completed” in the Lever. The report URL contains the full results and is hosted by Sterling RISQ.
  6. The score in the Lever is displayed after the completion of all the elements within the Background Check case.


View Background Check Case Status and Score

Once the Background Check case is complete, Sterling RISQ posts back the updated status, score and report URL. The status is updated to “Completed” in the Lever. The report URL contains the full results and is hosted by Sterling RISQ.

  1. Results page will show following
  • Status = Completed
  • Reference number = Sterling RISQ Background Check Case Number
  • Results Score = Case Score
  • Results Report = Sterling RISQ Report URL
  • Completed Date= Date of the order completion.


Status and Scores

Status Supported Sterling RISQ and Lever

* To view status, score & report URL within Lever, please go to Candidate tab then Notes tab.

Status in Sterling RISQ


Status in Lever


Background Check Case is initiated. Awaiting Candidate to complete Candidate Portal.



The Background Check Case screening request errored out or expired during processing. 


Case Submitted

Candidate receives the invite and submits the information in Sterling RISQ Candidate Portal.

Case Submitted

In Progress

Background Check Case fulfillment has begun.

In Progress


Background Check Cases is fulfilled.




Scores Supported by Sterling RISQ and Lever

The following table lists the scores supported by the Sterling RISQ and Lever

Status in Sterling RISQ

Score in Sterling RISQ

Score in Lever


Verified Clear

Verified Clear


Alert Found

Alert Found


Clear-In-Scope Elements

Clear-In-Scope Elements







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