How do I enable and use the Spark Hire integration?

Available for User roles Super Admins, Admins
Plans Starter, Enterprise, Professional

Please Note

This Partner Integration will be available as part of the Fall 2020 Release. You may not see this functionality in your account until October 8th. We appreciate your patience as we roll out the release.

Using the Spark Hire integration

The Spark Hire and Lever integration gives you the ability to automatically trigger one-way video interviews in Spark Hire when a candidate stage changes in Lever.

Most customers use one-way video interviews as a preliminary screening step in the hiring process to learn more about candidates in less time and improve collaboration with hiring managers.

In order to use Spark Hire and Lever integration, you must have an active subscription with Spark Hire. To learn more about Spark Hire, request a demo today!

Enable the Spark Hire integration

  1. Log in to Lever as a Super User.
  2. Go to Settings > Integrations > Webhooks
  3. Under candidate State Change, click Add webhook
  4. Set the webhook url to
    1. Make sure all triggers are checked
  5. Go to Settings > Integrations > API Credentials
  6. Under Lever API Credentials, click Generate New Key.
  7. Click Copy Key
  8. Set the Key Name to Spark Hire. 
  9. Check the boxes for the following Read and Write Endpoint Permissions:

    Read endpoints

    • read user
    • read stage
    • read opportunity
    • read opportunity note
    • read posting
    • read candidate
    • read candidate application
    • list users
    • list postings
    • list stages

    Write endpoints

    • create candidate note
    • create opportunity note
    • add opportunity link
  10. Make sure you have your Lever API key copied and then click Done.
  11. Log in to Spark Hire and go to Settings > Integrations > Lever.
  12. Click Activate Integration and then click Configure Integration.
  13. Follow the Lever configuration steps one by one in the order shown below:
    1. Configure the API Key
      1. On the next page, paste the Lever key you generated and click Save.
    2. Configure the Stage
      1. The stage you select is the stage in Lever which will trigger a Spark Hire interview when a candidate is moved to it. We recommend speaking with Lever to set up a stage named Spark Hire. Choose your Lever stage and click Save Stage.
    3. Map Users
      1. Link users between your Spark Hire and Lever accounts based on who you want using the integration. This is how both systems know which person is taking integration actions. To link users, simply select a Spark Hire user and a Lever user, then click Link Users.
    4. Create Interview Packages
      1. An interview package allows you to configure a series of variables once and trigger interview invitations using these variables through the integration. This consists of a Spark Hire Job, a Lever Job, a Spark Hire Question Set, and an Interview Deadline. For example, let’s say you have a candidate in Lever that you want to invite to a Spark Hire one-way video interview. You would move them to the Stage you designated in the integration setup and the interview package tied to the job the candidate is attached to in Lever would be triggered
      2. When you’ve made your selections, click Create Interview Package.
      3. When you’re in Lever and move a candidate to the stage you configured for Spark Hire, the Interview Package tied to the Lever job (opportunity) is what will be initiated for the candidate.
  14. When this is completed, you’re ready to use the integration!

This upfront work will set your Lever users up for success as they won’t need to continuously select/modify repetitive fields when trying to invite candidates to Spark Hire one-way video interviews.

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