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Are you completing your own implementation through our self-service offering? Please read this article on migrating your data.

Migrating data from Jobscore to Lever doesn’t have to be tricky. We’ve built a set of internal tools to help simplify this process. Once you’ve set up your active jobs and career site, you can request for your Jobscore data to begin the migration process. The process consists of three main steps.

Step 1: Clean up your data on Jobscore

Before you request for your Jobscore data, you want to make sure that your data is up-to-date. The last thing you want to see after we migrate your data into Lever are thousands of stale candidates in your active pipeline that you haven’t interacted with in years. So we advise that you take this time to complete all your workflows, deposition any inactive candidates, and/or close out any jobs prior to requesting for your data. 

Step 2: Request for your Jobscore data

Once your Lever-powered careers page has been launched, you’ll need to put in a extraction request with your Jobscore contact. Jobscore’s custom extraction process can take up to 1-2 weeks depending on the amount of data that you have. They do charge a small fee for this (around $50). You can also put in a request ahead of time to have your data extracted and sent to you on your designated launch date in order to secure a spot in their technical support queue.

Here are the files that come with that export:

  • A CSV file with all your candidate applications.
  • A CSV file containing all your candidate notes.
  • A CSV file that maps candidate emails and names to their associated resumes.
  • A TAR.GZ file containing all of the candidate resumes.

Once you have downloaded all the content, you can share it with us through your cloud-sharing service of choice. We will then transform the data in order to build a mapping sheet to begin the next steps, this process typically takes 48 hours to complete. We also recommend that you download a copy of the data in case you need it for future audit purposes.

Step 3: Jobscore data mapping

Once we’ve transformed all your data, your Lever Implementation Specialist will work with you to map your legacy candidate/job data onto your new Lever structure (i.e. Stages, Archive Reasons, Departments/Teams, etc.). Even if you didn’t clean up as much data as you needed to in step 1, we can always use this step to assist with some of the cleanup. Once your mappings are set, we will import your Jobscore job posting and candidate data into Lever.


Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly can we start the migration?

You can make a request for data from Jobscore as soon as your Lever-hosted careers page has been launched. This will ensure that no applications are lost in the transition. Once we have the data, it’ll typically take 1-2 weeks in total to extract, transform, and load the data.

Can we migrate over feedback, emails, and notes?

We do want to note that Jobscore may not always provide all your data in a format that can be imported. We will attempt to salvage as much data as possible, but we can’t promise it will be perfect. So as long as your feedback, emails, and notes are structured in the standard way within Jobscore, all this content will come over in a form of a Lever note within the candidate’s opportunity in Lever. We have noticed that Josbcore notes are not structured in their specific format, so we might have to do a one-off export of your notes if required. This will require a custom data migration package. You can also use Lever’s manual email sync feature to bring over emails for a specific candidate. This feature will only bring over the email chains between you and the candidate.

Can we import candidates and prospects from a spreadsheet?

Absolutely! If you currently store all your candidate data across spreadsheets, it’s recommended that you bring all that data into Lever.  We’ll provide you with the template to fill out, then we can do a one-time import into Lever as part of the onboarding process.

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