Visual Insights: Sources dashboard

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Please Note

Visual Insights Preview will be included in the second part of our Summer Release. We appreciate your patience as we roll out the release!

The Sources dashboard provides an understanding of how and from where applicants are entering your pipeline over time, how candidates are performing by source, and which sources produce highest conversion to hire by role.  This data is particularly helpful to answer questions such as:

  • Where are we getting the most value out of our job marketing spend?
  • Which sources produce the most hired candidates?
  • How has the source of our candidate pool changed over time?



Click the Filters bar to expand the module and refine your search by available filter criteria.  When you've entered in all of your selection criteria, click the blue Run button and the report will update accordingly. Don't forget to bookmark the URL for filtered reports that you'll frequently need to run!



 Top-level tiles:

Total sourced opportunities: Number of opportunities created during the date range whose origin is Sourced.

Sourced hires: Number of opportunities hired during the date range whose origin is Sourced.”

Top hires: The percentage of sourced candidates hired, grouped by source. Includes data for sourced opportunities created during the date range.

Top volume: Count of sourced candidates created during the date range, grouped by source.


Source quality: A comparison of offer acceptance rate, total opportunity volume, and source.
Sources over time: Volume of opportunities created over time. The time interval can be controlled from the filters.

Opportunities by origin: The number of opportunities created and hired during the date range. Only includes data on opportunities created during the date range.

Most effective origins by…: The efficiency of origins, grouped by various attributes. Includes data on opportunities created during the date range. The grouping can be controlled from the filters.

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