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The Nurture dashboard in Lever provides an overview of your Lever Nurture sourcing efforts. With this dashboard, you can easily track how your campaigns—and the individual touchpoints within those campaigns—are performing in terms of both candidate engagement and a few downstream recruiting metrics. That means you can easily see the effect of Lever Nurture on the number of candidates you interview, extend an offer to, and ultimately hire! This data is particularly helpful to answer questions such as:

  • Which recruiters are seeing the most success with campaigns?
  • Which campaigns have been particularly effective at engaging with high quality sourced candidates?
  • How many nurtured candidates have converted to hired?



Click the Filters bar to expand the module and refine your search by available filter criteria.  When you've entered in all of your selection criteria, click the blue Run button and the report will update accordingly. Don't forget to bookmark the URL for filtered reports that you'll frequently need to run!



Top-level tiles

Total opportunities: Count of the number of opportunities that either received a Nurture email or replied to one during the date range.

Sent emails: Count of the number of Nurture emails sent during the date range.”

Reply rate: Percentage of email sent during the date range that also received a reply during the date range.

Moved to interview: Count of the number of opportunities that were engaged with a Nurture campaign and advanced to an interview stage during the date range.

Hired: Count of the number of opportunities that were engaged with a Nurture campaign and marked as hired during the date range.


Campaign pivot: Nurture statistics that can be grouped by various attributes. The pivot can be controlled via the filters.

Campaigns in this report: A list of all campaigns active during the date range.

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