Visual Insights Preview: Pipeline dashboard

Available for User roles Super Admins and Admins
Packages Select Lever packages

The Pipeline dashboard provides a clear look into your organizations recruiting pipeline, including metrics specific to volume, conversion rates, time in stage, and time to hire. This data is particularly helpful to answer questions such as:

  • How many candidates do we have in each stage of our process?
  • In which stage of our interview process are candidates spending the most time?
  • What do conversion rates look at each stage in our recruiting process?



Click the Filters bar to expand the module and refine your search by available filter criteria.  When you've entered in all of your selection criteria, click the blue Run button and the report will update accordingly. Don't forget to bookmark the URL for filtered reports that you'll frequently need to run!


Data associated with Confidential Job Postings in Lever does NOT appear in Visual Insights Preview.



 Top-level tiles

Opportunities created: Count of opportunities created during the date range.

Opportunities advanced: Count of distinct opportunities moved (advanced, regressed, archived, or hired) during the date range.

Opportunities per hire: The number of opportunities created during the date range divided by the number of opportunities hired during the date range.

Avg days in pipeline: Average number of days that an opportunity was active in the pipeline. Includes all opportunities that were active during the date range.

Archived: Count of opportunities archived (excluding hires) during the date range.


Pipeline snapshot: The state of the pipeline as of the ending date in the date range.

Average time to hire: The average amount of time it took to hire an opportunity, broken down by stage. Only includes data on opportunities created and hired during the date range.

Days spent in stage: The average number of days spent in each stage. Includes information on all opportunities that existed during the date range, regardless of when they were created. Calculations are bounded by the date range.

Conversions: Counts of conversion events that occurred during the date range (advanced, regressed, hired, archived). A single opportunity may be counted multiple times.

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