Enabling and using the EBI integration

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The integration between EBI and Lever allows a recruiter to launch background screening for candidates directly from Lever. This integration currently supports a one step process.

Using the EBI integration with Lever

The following is an overview of the steps involved with the integration.

  1. Recruiter selects a candidate in Lever.
  2. Recruiter moves the candidate to the background stage to trigger the background check request to EBI.
  3. A webhook is triggered and required candidate information is extracted by EBI.
  4. Status updates and order results are returned from EBI to Lever in the form of tags on the candidate profile. 

Notes about this integration:

  1. Orders are matched to the user by the recruiter email being passed.
  2. Background check packages are maintained within Lever via a custom field on the requisition.  

Enable the Integration between EBI and Lever

 The Lever setup process is as follows. The configuration on the Lever side requires the creation of two special keys used to make API calls. One key is to allow EBI to make API calls to extract candidate and requisition data and the second is to authenticate the webhook.

In Lever:

1. Navigate to the Integrations and API page in Lever Settings

2. In the Partner Integrations tab, locate EBI in the list, click on the integration toggle to expand the card, and click the "Generate new key"  button. Copy the API key and keep it somewhere safe. This is the one and only time that this API key will be accessible. If you lose the key, you can disable the integration toggle, and repeat these steps again.

3. Generate Webhook signing Token, copy and save in a safe space

Lever settings Webhook signing token section with blue regenerate token button.

4. Click on the “+ Add Webhooks” option under candidate stage change then enter the EBI URL provided by your EBI integrations contact. Be sure to slide the button to activate.

5. Scroll down and record the Signature Token. Provide this to your EBI contact.

Lever settings Webhook signing token section with blue regenerate token button.

6. Create a custom field on the requisition to pass the package. Go back to settings

7. Go to Settings->Requisitions and add the Custom field titled "Background Package" of "Dropdown" field type as shown below. Be sure to make it required.

Lever settings requisitions page showing system fields section.

8. Populate the picklist for this Custom field with your packages from EBI and then click save.

Lever settings requisitions page showing custom fields editor.


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