How do I Block Repeat Applicants?

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Often candidates may apply to the same job multiple times, resulting in lost time for recruiters who must review each application. This feature allows you to configure the timeframe within which applicants are blocked for submitting a repeat application to the same job. Candidates that attempt to reapply to the same job will be presented with an informational message communicating that they have already submitted an application recently and providing guidance based on the configured timeframe for when the candidate can reapply.

How do I Block Repeat Applicants?

Navigate into your Settings > Job Site > Application Form tab. The feature will be disabled by default - toggle on if you'd like to start using this feature after configuring your desired waiting period.


Set Waiting Period: This is the amount of time that must pass until a candidate can reapply to the same posting. The default selection is 6 months. Options for waiting period are 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months.


Preview what a candidate will see: See what candidates would see be when trying to apply to the same posting.


Click Save button in the top right corner of the page. Note: Be sure to save your settings in the Job Site tab before proceeding, it will not auto-save.

Note: Block Repeat Applicants will apply to all job postings when enabled. 

What is the candidate experience when trying to re-apply?

When a candidate reapplies to the same posting within the waiting period set, they will be redirected to a landing page showing confirmation that their application was already received and already in the system. The details about when the candidate applied last and when they'll be able to reapply, if the position is still available.


How does Block Repeat Applicants apply to agencies, internal applicants, and referrals?


Agencies will only be blocked from submitting a candidate via their Lever agency portal in the case that the candidate has already applied to and has an active opportunity for that same job posting. Candidates will NOT be blocked from submitting an application should the Agency have submitted the candidate prior.

Internal applicants:

Block repeat applicants settings do not apply to internal employees submitting applications via the internal job site. 


Block repeat applicants settings do not apply to referrals submitted using the referral form in Lever. 


What criteria is used to block an application? Email address and "Job site" source tag. If a candidate applies, the system will confirm that there's no existing opportunity that was created within the waiting period that has the "Job site" source tag, and candidate email address.

Why am I seeing a repeat applicant?

  • The application did not come through a Lever-hosted application form.
  • Be sure that the toggle is switched on in your Job Site settings and Saved.
  • Slight variations in email addresses between applications.
  • Came from different origins e.g., referral, agency. etc.

Does this apply to separate roles? At this time, candidates will be able to apply to different roles. This setting will block applications to a role with the same posting ID.

Does this only occur for candidates that still have the application opportunity open? Or would they be able to apply again after they've been rejected? The candidate is not allowed to re-apply to the same role within the waiting period regardless of the status of existing opportunities within Lever.

What happens if a posting is closed, but then we open a brand new job posting with the same title? Will the candidate be blocked from re-applying? If the candidate re-applies to the same role again within the waiting period - aka same posting ID again - they will be blocked and routed to the landing page. A candidate would be able to apply to a different posting with the same title.

My organization uses a custom built application form via Lever's API. Will this feature apply to candidates that apply via this form? New applicants that come in via the API will not be blocked.

What happens if the candidate was anonymized to meet GDPR compliance within the configured waiting period? Once anonymized, a candidate would not be blocked from submitting an additional application to the same job posting within the specified waiting period since the candidates personal information is no longer available for this logic. 


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