How do I use Fast Resume Review?

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What is Fast Resume Review?

Fast Resume Review allows you to screen your applicants faster at the top of the funnel. This dedicated new feature will present the applicant’s profile, lets the recruiter take action from a set of options, and remember those options for future applicants. Recruiters are enabled to evaluate and act on a higher volume of inbound applicants from your job site more quickly.

Where can I find Fast Resume Review?

On the "New applicant" stage in the "Applicant" tab within Candidates, a banner will appear indicating the number of applicants to be reviewed and a button to initiate a review session. Note: An applicant is not considered "Reviewed" until they have advanced out of the "New Applicant" stage.

Filtering: To narrow the opportunity pool to review, use the filters on the left, inclusive of “Owned by me” filter.


Reviewing Applicants

Initiate the Review session by applying your filters as needed and clicking the "Start Review" button. The review flow will show the oldest applications first, and will filter out new applicants that do not have jobs associated/are general opportunities 



Custom application questions: Pull the answers to your custom application questions directly into your Fast Resume Review screen and avoid the need to switch between windows when reviewing a candidate.


The available actions are: 

Add note: Click "Add note" to add a note to the candidate opportunity. If a note is added in error, the user must navigate to the full opportunity profile to remove. 


Skip: Click "Skip" to avoid taking any action on the candidate. Skipped candidates will not count as a “reviewed” candidate and will stay in “New applicant” stage.

Advance: Click “Advance” to complete the review of an application and move the opportunity to the next stage in the pipeline.

  • Note: If “New applicant” is the only stage you have in your "Applicant" pipeline, this action will progress the candidate to the first stage in the "Interview" tab.
  • Pipeline stage selection: After reviewing a candidate, choose which pipeline stage to advance them to. Remember the stage for one-click advance option for subsequent candidates.


Archive: Click “Archive” to complete the review of an application and move the opportunity to archive. Then, the posting will show with a prompt to "Choose archive reason..." to disposition the candidate under. Finally, click "Archive".

  • “Remember this for next applicant” checkbox: Remember the archive reason for one-click archive option for subsequent candidates.


Archive + Email: Click "Archive", select the Archive reason, and click "Archive + email". You'll then be prompted to configure email settings and content to "Archive and send now" or "Delay until...".

  • “Remember this for the next applicant” checkbox: remember the Archive Reason for the next candidate
  • “Remember email options for next applicant” checkbox: remember both the Archive Reason and the email options for the next candidate


Undo: When any action is performed (Skip, Advance, Archive/Archive+email), a notification will pop up in the bottom left corner allowing you to Undo the action. This notification will remain until action is taken on the next candidate.


Exit Review: Clicking “Exit review” will allow you to exit review flow before 100% completion. 

Celebration Page: When you have acted on all applicants in a review session (100% of progress bar), you'll be taken to a celebration page with a link back to the candidate dashboard. 

  • This will show you how many applicants have been screened out of total number of applicants loaded into the review session, in addition to the amount of time it took to complete the review session.
  • Review dispositioned applicants: Once a Fast Resume Review session has ended, access a top-down view of dispositioned applicants by type (archived, advanced, skipped).


Send bulk emails to screened applicants after a Fast Resume Review session.


What else is new?

  • LinkedIn Applications: When an applicant applies via LinkedIn, the candidate’s resume will be defaulted to their non-LinkedIn resume, when available

  • Session timeout after inactivity: Each session will time-out after inactivity in order to protect any sensitive information and prevent abnormally long Fast Resume Review sessions. Please note that this change is internal to Lever, customers will not see this in the User Interface (UI).

  • Disable the Advance / Archive button when the candidate cannot be acted upon: In scenarios where a candidate cannot be acted on, the advance and archive button will be disabled to prevent error.

Watch a video of our team reviewing the Fast Resume Review Enhancements:



I don't see the "Start Review" banner? The "Start Review" banner will disappear if individual opportunities are selected. Deselect all opportunities and you'll see the banner reappear.

What happens if there's a conflict? (e.g., applicant reviewed by another during the session, an applicant has active offer, etc.) The action will to "Advance" or "Archive" will be disabled (grayed out) and you'll be able to move onto the next candidate.

Why did my session end? After 5 idle minutes, review sessions will automatically end.

What if there's no resume/invalid file type? You'll still be able to see the applicant details (without the resume showing).

Are keyboard shortcuts available? Yes, you'll be able to use the right arrow key to quickly skip candidates.

How long do you have to "undo" the last action? You'll have until you take action on the next candidate.

Can I trigger review applicants at another stage? At this time, Fast Resume Review can be triggered for candidates in the New Applicant stage.

Are confidential postings included? If the Lever user is on the access list for a confidential posting and an opportunity for that posting falls within the filter criteria, that opportunity will be included in the review flow for the user's session.

When are the advance/archive buttons disabled? it can be disabled in the following instances:

  • If the candidate is not in the new-applicant stage (can happen if someone else changes the stage while the session is going on)
  • If the candidate is already archived
  • If the candidate has an active offer
  • If the candidate has an upcoming interview scheduled
  • If the candidate has an active nurture campaign

Why does the total number of new applicants in the dashboard not match the number of applicants to review? Fast Resume Review will automatically filter out general opportunities.

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