How do I enable and use the Certn Integration?

Available for User Roles Super Admins, Admins, Team Members, Limited Team Members
Packages Available on select Lever packages

Certn provides instant background checks for employers. This integration sends candidates to Certn and adds tags and pdf reports to Lever.

Enable the integration between Certn and Lever


User must be a Super Admin to complete the below steps.

Generate Lever API Key

  1. Navigate to the Integrations and API page in Lever Settings
  2. Locate Certn in the Background and reference checks section, click on the integration toggle to expand the card, and click the "Generate new key"  button. 

  3. Copy the API key and keep it somewhere safe. This is the one and only time that this API key will be accessible. If you lose the key, you can disable the integration toggle, and repeat steps 1 and step 2 to generate a new one. 

Generate a Webhook signing token

  1. Webhook signature is located on the integration page in the settings menu on the webhook tab. Generate a Webhook signing token if there is not already one generated.
  2. Save the Signature Token somewhere safe.


Complete configuration in Certn

  1. Go to the team settings on Certn’s website, navigate to the integration tab and fill out the
    Lever section and create packages and choose one as default.
  2. In Settings Select the team you want to set the integration up for
  3. Navigate to the integrations section and expand the Lever Integration tab
  4. Enter the  Api Key, Webhook Signature and the name of the Lever stage you want to be the trigger stage into the provided form. 


5. Create at least one Package to use with your Lever Integration by clicking the “Create New Package” button. Enter a name and choose at least one service to add to your package.



6. Once you have created a package you need to set it as the default by clicking on the action button and choosing Make Default. 


7. Click enable Integration and copy the integration API webhook url provided. You will need to add this to Lever so make sure to write it down.


8. Input the integration API webhook url address into the Candidate Stage Change Webhook section in your Lever Integration Settings page.



Using the Certn integration with Lever

Once integration with Certn has been set up all that is required to start a check with Certn is to advance a candidate to the trigger stage specified at set up. Once that is done, Certn will add the tag “CERTN - Pending” to the candidate. As results are returned a link to the pdf report will be added to the candidate and the Tag will be updated to reflect the status of the check.


All candidates will be viewable on Certn. The default package can be updated or changed to another package by visiting the Lever integration spot in a team’s settings on Certn’s website.

Overriding Default Package:

The default package can be overridden by including the name of another package from the lever integration package list on Certn’s website as a tag on a candidate. For example, when setting up a default package on Certn’s site you are able to create additional packages. The names of these other packages can be used as tags on a candidate to trigger one of them instead of the default package.


Tip: Add posting specific tags to candidate profiles by adding a tag to the posting. If you add a tag to your posting, all candidates that apply to the posting will receive that tag. More information on configuring tags here

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